Wildness a quality to revere

Its important to realise
That the kangaroo
Knows more about living
Than any of you
Thousands of years
Creation provided them
Knowledge you see

The sky and the land
Romantic it be
When the moon seems to come
Even closer to thee
Undeniable truths
The temperature here
Can be over 100 degrees
Which is clear

Wild birds likes finches
And Emu’s and Roo’s
They know where there is water
And know what to do
They are wild as the wind
In so many ways
They feel the spiritual
Instinctive gaze

The aboriginies they are wild too
When they travel they walk
Their stories all true
Are what lifes about
In this outback where they
Know the lay of the land
And the time of the day

Out there the nothingness
Stretches as far
As the minds eye can fathom
Whereever you are
So respect is the word
For the wild souls who ply
Through the outback for they know
How to live not to die

City life teaches us little
We understand the ouback
And all of the stress
They have the foundation
They know what to do
They were put here by Nature
To do what they do

They are the growers
And they never fail
They sow the wild seeds
With their gait and their tail
The eat the dried grasses
That are inclined to burn
They have so much substance
And We better learn

Killing them shooting them
As people do
Come with their four by fours
Hunting the roo
Whose feeding not harming anyone
Have rested and slept through the
Heat of the day

And now all the doe’s will be
Replenishing, they
Are miraculous mothers
In every way
Such love for their joeys
Their pinkies that they
Can make three kinds of milk
At the same time each day

And why its because Nature
Our great Mother she
Has given them knowledge
To garden and be
Frugal with water
And able to be
Phenomenal agents
In the geography

Putting up fences
And threatening strife
As men tend to do
Unaware of wild life
Unable to realise
What the great Roo’s
Do for Australia
They are good news

The meat corporations
Inbumane slobs
Entities really
They can use their gobs
But living out here
In the outback no way
They are all molly coddled
In cities today

Employing assassins
To come with their lights
To shoot only males
Except Roo’s dont have rights
So mothers are shot too
Their babies then killed
Their new borns heads smashed off
Yea so much blood spilled

By these ignorant tossers
Who fail really to see
That the wild souls that live
In the out back should be
Allowed to live peacefully under the sun
And when they feed under the moon
Are not shot by the gun

Mining and farming
The great stock farms they
Run cattle many thousands
Through the outback
A way
Out of the cities
Where true cowboys be
On their bikes in the air
Barren wastelands
We see

Rounded up when its there time
To be killed
These many hooved animals
What they have fulfilled
Is busting the land up
Which is not good at all
They create yet more desert
None of the wild school

Works with the mother
As the aboriginie does
Who walk with the stars
And the stories that buzz
Around in their heads
In their hearts in their soul
Wildness is precious
Wildness is control

When The road trains roll in
Thats when cattle depart
Its all about money
Thats at the heart
Of man of the cities
Man of the board
Man of the balance sheet
They can afford

Everything then
Those cattle will die
They were left in the outback
To forage or die
They were ripped of their horns
Castrated without
Any painkillers
Thats what lifes about

Imagine an alien cow
On its way
whether to a slaughterhouse
Or Freemantle they say
Live exports are good earners
Imagine it they
They are fucking aliens in every way
The outback is no place
For the alien creed
Its the roo’s and the Emu’s
And goanna wild breed

Who give back to Nature
Not just take away
Who live where they were put
At the end of the day
They are part of the great map of life
They appear
On cave paintings
Thousands of years ago

There they are all of these wild souls
They be
Created and guven their place
To be free
The intolerable heat
The sand storms the thrust
They have spiritual bonds
They struggle they must

Find in their spirits
That man when he comes
With his loudness his vehicles
His base smells that numbs
And throws out of kilter
The tangible sights
The bio diversity
The days and the nights

Its all so forbidding
Its brutal out here
Complete isolation
Adventure and fear
A great transformation
From the glass and concrete
Of Brizzy or Sydney
Where no one can compete

Ringers and stockmen
Another new breed
Jilla roo’s jack a roos
Some do succeed
Burnt flesh and bollocks
Ripped out Just like that
Pushed around distressed
Confused thats where they are at
Stubborn like hell
Do you think they dont know
When they are loaded on road trains
Where they all go.

The meat trade is making a killing
Thats right
Ignorance and arrogance together the blight
That is ruining wildness
The outback, us all
For meat equals heat
It drives us up the wall
With the hormones and antibiotics
On board
With the anger and torture
No one dare afford

Damaging land mass
Drinking like hell
Yes it comes out of the artesian well
Its the great basin put there long ago
Twenty six million the herd
Quite a blow

To the land and our mother
And then sheep as well
And its the poor old Roo’s that are blamed
For a spell of diversification
Is put into play
By the Meat Trade
Who wants much more profit
Each day

So the fat guts in cities
Can buy their big place
Eat up the habitat
Its a disgrace
Moan about Roo’s
About Emu’s perhaps
About snakes about possums
The world in their laps

All the while losing their way
And we see
The shooters out murdering Roo’s
Just agree
To the carnage and fences and
And illogical ways
That city folk do things
Part of the malaise

Its out there its waiting
The cathedral of soul
Mirage after mirage
Thats bound to control
But its accessible
And people do
Hire their campers
And set off
To travel they do

Many lack knowledge
They are not prepared
For the mud and the sand
Respect becomes scared
When they sll bet bogged down
Or their water runs dry
Or their jack is no good
Or the heat is too high

They have no EPIRB
No survival skills
Not enough water
Thats when the chills
Get in their marrow
Thats when they know
What its like to be wild
And yet be in the flow

The outback is out there
Its vast and its there
Its being looked after
By our Mother aware
She’s aware of her children
And they are of her
Time has stood still for them
Will you concur

Stay in your cities
Around the great coast
Leave the wild animals
Whom we love most
Alone to get on with the
Management here
With helping the trees grow
And helping to clear
BIo diversity that is our thing
That is why Roo’s
Here honestly bring
Much to this land
In form and in style
They need to be loved
Now for a while

Say another 50,000 years

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