WE can get through said the Kangaroo

We are rhe shadows of long before
Our feet pressed soft on the red dust floor
Long before the British came
And generated the huge blame game
In the Pleistocene the canine roo’s
Flesh eating macropods the clues
Upon the caves of yester year
Where ochre drawings still appear

And On rock pictures wondrously were
In North East Queensland Which caused a stir
Groups were rampant and many more
Raged along the rocky shore

For centuries we ran beside
The aboriginies to guide
So many of them on their way
With us across the vast array
Of forests then where lions did tread
Sabre toothed mouth opened – dread
Where we came from and where we are
In the shadows of the great owl star

Years of flurry hurry skurry
Stirring kicking kind of picking
Bright eyes bushy tailed were we
In the outback running free
Dreamtime and the stories told
Each montage redacted with gold
We learned to leap we learned to fly
And crawl and climb the trees to high
In the canopy we achieved
As much as any would have believed

We kangaroos felt gentleness
Predation had worked more or less
The aboriginies were our friends
We ran together and that sends
Messages to the gods of old
To the natural mother I am told
And our teeth grew smaller with each passing year
It was clear to us that people fear
The british back in 88

So much and we could help them so
We dropped our fangs and let them know
Any interest was on them for we
Would hunt and claim
Enough for tea.
No more flesh and no more meat
The grassy hillocks at our feet
The firery flowers the vegges green
And all the difficulties
That there had been
Their graciousness was everywhere
And Ancestral Land
Was ours to share

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