Ninety seven percent of
Your human DNA
The orangutan a person
Of the forest
Where dismay
Has been the word on many lips
Because of the three per cent
Who somehow let the corporate world
Change it to content

Content to make the money
To tear forests to the ground
Uprooting every precious plant
Obliterating sound
The millions of little voices
The hundreds of bigger ones
Who were forced to leave
And go elsewhere
The vacuum at least that stuns

Those of us who heard them
The JCB’s and saws
Who heard the cries of many
Who broke all Natures Laws
Whose slash and burn
A paradise and turned it into Hell
The smoke rose to the heavens
Making way to sell

The palm oil that took root
An attractant of rats and snakes
A darkness then to compliment
The advertising fakes
The corporate world were gleeful
The poor around could toil
And The indigenous who wanted to
Could help to make the oil

And it made them many fortunes
The corporatocracy
The super markets everywhere
Happily did agree
Palm oil then was added
To almost everything
And the margin reached enormous
For our purchases did bring

So much admiration
Around the boards abroad
Stakeholders and Shareholders
Clearly were in accord
As for the previous residents
The Orangutans well they
Had no place to go to
Most just faded away
The tigers and the elephants
The tapirs yes them too
Again many were slaughtered
By the vile and darkly crew

The planet shuddered wildly
Its lungs forced to collapse
The invasion and the advancement
Experienced the prolapse
The pain of it was terrible
The suffering immense
So many sacrificial lambs
Who dare see the sense

And clearly there were victims
Who limped into the light
Arborial apes ofcourse need trees
It had been an unfair fight
Their world had been extinguished
All they could do was die
And be burned to a cinder
Asking themselves why

What was in the three per cent
That turned the tide and made
The human beings burn their world
And hope eternal fade
Survivors there were some
Who crawled scorched hearts
All broken by
They sat atop a tree branch
Staring to the sky
Others were found on the ground
Wandering in pain
And so they found their cages
Where they all could go insane

Some became pets some were drafted
Into circus into zoos
Where they were then recrafted
Dressed up in humans clothes
News views
This is what their world became
Because of me and you
We were part of the ninety seven
Per cent
And What did we do
we looked away
It wasnt that we didnt understand
We just chose to
Really just ignore
As their flames were fanned
The show
Was now on palm oil
Profits coming home to roost
Our corporate masters gleefully
Received their profits boost

Sad eyes broken hearted
Clung to artificial trees
An odd rubber tyre
A concentration camp
Put there to please
The squabbling miserable children
of the ninetyseven per cent
Whose fees paid for the rotten food
That had been heaven sent

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