Pooja and Shanti little German girl and 5 ton female elephant

Pooja means prayer and shanti means peace

This is a story of a little girl who at the age of 5 wanted to meet an elephant and met Shanti a temple elephant at the national park when Shanti was enjoying a holiday with other elephants from her work at the temple
This relationship developed for many years it is a beautiful story and one
I shall commit to a poem about them both and her friend Subbu and the mahouts she befriended Jambu and Arjum. Shanti died at the age of 55
And Pooja still comes to India to stay with Sabbu and with the mahouts.

She was just a young girl
Loving animals so
Cats dogs and rats
Monkeys and goats she did know
Each of them sensitive to each others
She was tender and caring
And Perceptive her deeds
Towards them expressing
A love that was true
She was very aware
And knew just what to do

She was from Germany
Schooled in Berlin
Blonde hair and fair skin
Prayer was a good name
A delicate soul
Conscious and knowing
That this was her role

To try really hard to love
Animals so
Her parents were clearly
Observing the flow
Of caring qualities
Their daughter possessed
And were honestly
Pleased really
how they were blessed

POoja was anxious To go to see
An Elephant and her parents
Thought it would be
Better to see animals in the wild
They didnt like zoo’s
Not for their child
So they found out that
Temple elephants once a year
Go on a holiday and it was clear

That was the place where they could all go
And see elephants enjoying themselves
And we know
MUDUMALAI National Park sanctuary
North west of the Nilgiri Hills
She could see
some of these elephants
And there she met
Subbu a tracker
And their friendship soon set

Her on a good road for she met
Two mahouts
Who didnt use bullhooks
Which were at the roots
Of her understanding
Her philosophy exceeded her age
And her psyche

And thats where she met up
With a female SHanti
Which means peacefulness
And now she was free
From the temple and workings
Her consciousness grew
She perceived that this child
Had a much greater view

And the two became friends
And Pooja did feed Shanti
With bananas and tomatoes
She sat with Sabbu and watched
Shanti who
Just loved the water
Like elephants do

Very soon she assisted
And scrubbed Shanti she
Became a good friend to her
Absorbed she be
Considerate and caring
And sharing and they
Had mutual understanding
More so everyday

They would breakfast together
At Shanti’s feet
No thought of danger
Shanti would greet
Pooja with gentleness
Despite her great size
There was an awareness
In both of their eyes

A truth and a rightness
A genuineness
A real authenticity
There was never stress
A discernment from Pooja
At a very young age
To have genuine wisdom
Somewhat of a sage

She knew that Shanti
Was unhappy when she
Had to work at the temple
And didnt feel free
Chains on her feet
Hot and bothered there
Had the soundness of mind
And felt her despair

At least her mahout
Was a very kind man
A considerate soul
And was her fan
She had learned that the elephants
Do have thick skin
But around their ears
Its incredibly thin
And some mahouts use bullhooks
And hurt them so
So at least Shanti
Was given respect
Which did show

POoja was able to realise
thats Shanti had foresight
And a memory
She anticipated and had a second sight
Sagacious and prudent
A soul bathed in light

For such a young child
This friendship that grew
Closer and closer
For both of them knew
Love was so possible
As all could see
And Pooja was closer
Than most and could be

Able to ride high up on her back
Shanti knew too when she had to go back
She had tears in her eyes
POoja could see
That Shanti was calmer
When she was free

The truck took her back
She trusted them to
Look after her clearly
With Pooja in view
SHanti was ready
And their friendship
It grew
Six months of the year
POoja stayed with her too

Got her some gifts
Tomatoes and fruit
Picked up at the market
In that way astute
To the elephants needs
And the essence of life
Each significant moment
To free her from strife

Somedays she stayed all day
Inseparable they
A five ton elephant
And a small girl the way
They clicked was extraordinary
Everyone thought
They were learning together
Both clearly caught

In a tangible friendship
Of wondrous freewill
Spontaneous caring
That clearly did spill
Out to so many who watched them
As they
Were enjoying their friendship
In a beautiful way

POoja’s parents were delighted
And wanted to try
And help Shanti get bathed
There was no bath
To lie
In in the city heat
Only the hose
And wanted to retire her
And were in the throes

Every morning Pooja would
Lead Shanti along
To the temple but knew in her heart
It was wrong
Clearly it was dirty and hot
And she missed
Seeing her friend
And couldnt resist

The urge just to make it known
These two believed
And each year Pooja came back
They achieved
An outstanding friendship
That was until Shanti
She died
As every soul will

That must have unsettled
POoja but she
Too that her friend
Left to be
Perhaps liberated
To a heaven somewhere
Where the waters were cooler
And where she could share

A breathtaking view
Awe inspiring and green
With copious sweet leaves
And fruits and be seen
Retaining her thoughts
Of Pooja her friend
Who she loved beyond life
To the very end.

About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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14 comments on “Pooja and Shanti little German girl and 5 ton female elephant

  1. Maureen Bell on said:

    Such a wonderful love story. I pray all mahouts would learn from this story how to truely honor Elephants by treating them kindly. If they truely believe they are sacred, they should love & honor them as Pooja and Shanti’s Mahouts did.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou Maureen its so real trurhfully wonderful truthfully inspiring glad you found it it moved me to tears as so many do little Pooji ang the massive and honourably Shanti x

  2. Ernst Beckmann on said:

    (I`m a German)
    This video touched my heart. Sorry, at last I had tears in my eyes.
    This little girl is only ONE out of heaven. Where are the others?
    Not only Animals will be loved, also Millions of humans people, they are dieing in terrible situations. Every day. Noone thinks about them.
    This world is “miserable”.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Which was why i felt compelled to write about the littlecshe broke my heart in so many ways thanks for telleing me how you felt x

  3. Kuldip Ralh on said:

    Love this video..friendship Love between Pooja and Shanti is one of kind

  4. Nancy E Nicholas on said:

    It is so heartwarming to learn of stories like Pooja and Shanti and all the people who made the relationship possible.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Yes an update it is a such a beautiful story made me enjoy writing my poem glad you found it and wrote to me
      That is such a lovely thing to do to me too I love getting messages Thankyou so much

  5. Shelley on said:

    Lovely poetry. Lovely video. Lovely story. Thank you.
    Why did Pooja’s family return to Thailand for a half year every year?

  6. Shelley Ehrlich on said:

    Lovely poetry. Lovely video. Lovely story. Thank you.

    Why did Pooja’s family return from Germany to Thailand for half a year every year. What was their work?

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Hello Shelley glad you enjoyed what is a beautiful story I will try to find out and let you know who they were

      Thanks for knocking on my door I love it when people come to my blog

      As you see over ;8000 poems plus some in the archive

      • Rex Tyler on said:

        Thanks for stopping by I have tried to find out the questions you penned have found out yet but I will if it’s out there xx

  7. Pauline Mckinley on said:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this story really interesting the little girl is lovely and so gentle with the elephant yes good film one thing puzzled me was we never saw her parents with her on the video I would have thought that they would have been involved with what she was doing. So who are her parents thought they might have shown their faces at the end but was disappointed that they didn’t
    Thank you for the film it was so enjoyable I watched it twice.
    Mrs Pauline Mckinley

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog mi appreciate all who do
      And am happy you enjoyed the story which was very meanjngful

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