Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw
Or wish to see
The backbone and the marrow and the core
Is adequately
Provided by our mother the creator
Great forests lakes and rivers
And wild life good and free

Muritz national Park
A vast arena of great light
Every eventuality
The snow clouds good and white
Paper thin the ice sheets
As the white tailed eagles come
Their dappled plumage feathery
In the winter sun
Some what of a dilemma
For the youngsters
By the side
They can see fish frozen there
That is not denied
Even with their great talons
They cant get to them though they
Are inquisitive and frustrated
In the cold light of the day

Its pertinent to watch them
Theres a relevance we see
Youth lacks the experience
Of what its like to be
Ignorant of the circumstances
Squabbling as they are
And really getting no where fast
But then we see a star

Ofcourse a timid otter
Working on his own
Brings a fish to surface
Biting through the bone
Needs a kilo of food each day
Just to keep him going
But he gets it anyway
Underwater diving lithe and deft is he
Curling through the shallows
By the banks where fish may be
He is somewhat of a phantom
The way that he does show
He is here is when he takes to land
To eat and then we know

With the wriggling victim
He can hold it and can gnaw
On the land no air for fishes
Do otters then are sure
Of a much more comfortable session
Ingesting fish with ease
Its a more of a guarantee
And not such a tease

Cranes there are several thousand
They walk on stilts each day
And dont they make a racket
Beaks pushed high a way
Of trying to please the ladies
Red top knots on their brow
They really are rough callers
One really wonders how

Such a great elongated bird
Can get up in the sky
Aerodynamically it doesnt appear
To be perfect but on high
They make a proper picture
Their symmetry is good
Strangely very alien.
But clearly undersood

Behold ancient Beech Forests
Majestically empowered
25 metres up a Pine
An ospreys nest endowed
And needing a fresh make over
And one man knows just how
To get ip there and do that
That really is his vow
Having been born around here
He wants the birds of prey
To flourish in the forest
Forever and a day

In a month or so
The Ospreys will return from Africa where
They have been on holiday
And need ofcourse to share
Another brand new family
And the nest will have to be
Prepared for lots of baby chicks
Lifes true variety

The Ospreys they are back
Magnificent birds of prey They be
Instinctively knowledgable
The pre-amble certainly
All the new adjustments
A deep hollow where
The chicks can be kept warm
And fed and Get all the care

190 couples in the forests around here
Clearly the right environment
Conservation clear
The bare ground warms to fresh shoots
And sweet flowers nodding fast
Liverleaf and wind flowers
The magic wand was cast
Carpets of bold whites and blues
Gifts infact to Spring
The suns rays paint a picture
With all the petalled bling

Back down in the water
A common newt it be
About to change its colour
A lady it needs to see
Males are quite the show offs
Its what life’s about
Spring has sprung
And all among the creatures
The big shout

Is on its mating fever
On land now we can see
The Gotland Sheep big horns
And lots of furry skin that be
Protecting them over winter
These sheep stay outside they
Are really very hardy
Having their babies right away

The sheep their rumination
Keeps the grasses low
That allows the magic the orchid
Showers to grow
The juniper is thorny
Thats another treat
That mother puts before us
The picture thus complete

Then we see the grass snakes
All bundles of joy
Stretching out and pursuing
Ladies to annoy
Gathering on the dry banks
They all love the sun
And when they meet the females
Rhythmically flick that done

Back down in the water
Toad tadpoles hit the scene
Bouncing in the shallows
Torpedo’s that have been
Eyed by dragon fly nymphs
With their mysterious lip
Ready to catch and swallow them
And probably let flip

The Ospreys are now hunting
Their chicks are growing fast
The male must keep on catching fish
The drama he has cast
And down below we notice
The dragon fly is there
Pumping air into her body
And we are aware
Such a transformation is happening
As she must dry and watch her fine wings
Flap so she will be
Airborne with a coat of many colours
Beautiful and classical
And clearly flying free

These lakes are full of enchantment
Life is everywhere
Great magic from the wizards
And so hard to compare
All we see through all the seasons
Ever changing we
See myriads of miracles
That change miraculously
The wholeness the integrity
An all embracing view
Sweeping and extensive and encompassing yes too

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