feeding chickens a new idea
bucket fulls or so I hear
Of writhing maggots
Black Soldier flies
eating machines
Insatiable guys
Guzzling gorging
gluttonizing fear
Stinking creepy crawlies
Lips a licking
Do you hear?
With a gluttony
and greediness to boot
Never full just hungry
all the fucking time
Acquisitive and everyone a brute

Chickens seem to
really love their liveliness
Fat and protein
seemingly now be
Ignoble and unworthy
to be shared on every plate
Disrespect and notoriety
Larva pupa bluebottles
and imago
Manure swigging
defecating they
Circling wheeling
often agitated
Boutulinum poisoning some say

A chicken takes the biscuit
and the maggot
So it seems
Eternal rest impossible the fallen
In ones dreams
To shuffle off the mortal coil
And cross the styx away
Kick the bucket bite the dust
Another beast of prey

kFC a bucket full
Of breaded chicken might
Offer up a new taste
On maggots good and light
Tranformed into tender flesh
Secretly endowed
Out from the hutch or hencoop
Succulently powered
Maggot generated substrate
Hardly turns us on
Carrier free fall its often called
Until whatevers gone.

Vegan food feels better
Than the new feed for chickens

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