Licence to kill RAVENS

Murdering our wildlife
Is not the thing to do
RAvens have a valid place
Creation says thats true
Pandering to the gamekeepers
And farmers and the rest
By giving out shooting licences
Is ignorance at best.

Its not a balanced idea either
And yes it will affect
The general wild life in the area
And we should elect
To not condone such evils
Farmers are unaware
Of the bigger picture
Thats why its so unfair

Science has been so arrogant
Imagining that they
Are gods infact they are nothing
But officials of dismay
The idea is we understand
Connected to wading birds
And killing the wild ravens
I am lost for words

Clearly these corporate idiots
Have been given power that they
Actually cannot mansge
Their judgment shot away
Ravens are essential to the wild life Picture
And who
The hell are these idiots
To experiment clearly as they do

The co-incidence is the satellite tagged eagles
Went missing hereabouts
And now we get get this remedy
In essence it just flouts
All the laws of nature
It is mistakenly wrong
Withdraw that licence
Leave well alone
For in Strathbraan
It does not belong

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