Goats are suffering

What VIVA was able to see
Broke their heart
In dark filthy sheds
Really from the start
Cruelty raises its ugly head
And so many animals
Do wind up dead

Goats are inquisitive
And love to roam
Socially active
Impacted by filth
It is not how their home
Should be
They are sensitive
And they enjoy
Friendship with others
And it does annoy

Goats to be split up
After forming a bond
They are mothers for goodness sake
And clearly are fond
Of roaming the fields
And chatting away
But farming them now
Its just doesn’t pay

There are always excuses
It does seem to me
Farmers and profits
Dont go together
And thus cruelty
Raises its head
Its how it has to be

Milk means a pregnancy
That means a birth
And industrial milking
What is it worth
Take kids away
From the mothers
And see
How the mothers react
They care obviously!

Men on these farms
Just look upon
Goats as mere animals
And when they are gone
More can be bought
And without respect
Cruelty sets in
if nothing is checked

It becomes really terrible
These farmers are thicko’s
Many don’t see
That goats do get mortally upset
And they
Will restrict their output
And then ofcourse pay

Getting punched in their udders
Imagine that pain
And beaten with sticks
Again and again
These are sensitive beings
With order and rank
And just dont take kindly
To a place that is rank

Debudding their horns
Castrating them too
Its a painful proceedure
Its not what you do
As a farmhand who gives you the right
Not the law
Is downright distasteful
Something to abhor

With no vets around
And the treatment they get
Many get sick
THe chaos can set
Them back the disharmony
It isnt right
Embroiled in this human shit
Yes day and night

Milk and cheese is big business
And Markets out there
are powerful entities
They dont want to share
Margins with farmers
The slippery slope
Means the goats take the can
For them little hope

They get the blame
They get pushed around
And nobody sees them
In woe they are drowned
Suffering quietly
Locked in their shed
Fed very badly
And some wind up dead

Free range and and organic
And grass fed amount
To labels for sales
Some do not count
Convictions for cruelty
Are sparse one can say
Farm animals suffer
In every way

Male kids are slaughtered
In very quick time
Mother will pine for them
Its a big climb
In the life of a mother
To lose a dear child
But the farmers dont care
And thats soon recociled

The spin offs are many
Sickness and pain
Lameness and output
Again and again
Farmers blame animals
Thats what they do
If production goes down
The goats go down too

Many dead goats are just
Thrown in a heap
Treated like rubbish
Their lives are so cheap
Motherhoods weakening
Poor diets too
And lack of fresh air
Sadly its true

Undrinkable water
And revolting smells
Malodorous pens
Nothing there jells
Left in semi darkness
Without natural light
Without the fresh pasture
On which they delight

These are curious souls
Interested they be
One could say they are mindful
And like to feel free
So contained in a dark place
And screamed at all day
You can realise how
They feel and why they must pay

As for consumers what do they care
For them its just money
Thats when they are aware
Of how much it costs
And thats what we see
The goats become slaves
Such an absurdity

If it were not for VIVA
And animal rights
The animals suffering
Would be at heights
Beyond understanding
Unlooked and uncared
Just abyssmal suffering
With bad karma shared

UPPER ENDON FARM at Sandon in Staffordshire
BROMES FARM near Taunton in Somerset

Were two of the farms found to be lacking

And an organic farm certified by
BIOLAND in Germany

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