Garden Bros Circus

You are one hundred years too late my friends
Wild animals is where it ends
Bullhooks such a cowardly tool
A weapon that breaks every rule
You create captivity
Your Asian elephants how can they be
Subjected to such enormous strain
And be beaten by you again and again

I see you are based in the US
And are very busy, i feel the stress
To the camels the horses the zebras
They all
Should be off in the wild
And not slaves on call
Your order books busy
The video shows
Lots of customers coming
For me that does pose

Some very big problems
For its so very xlear
They do not realise
Whats Hapoening here
Circus is evil entertaining its not
What goes on at the back
I don’t like a lot

Abusing animals
And getting paid
Is a criminal act
On your shoulder its laid
Elephants doing tricks
Is depravity
They need to rest up
All that I see

Is these heavy creatures
Were not built this way
They are not performers
They are slaves without pay
Working their legs and feet
On concrete will
Damage their muscles
I saw some blood spill
From the wounds inflicted
With the bullhooks you used
Its just so unfair
My heart it feels bruised

The audience clearly are ignorant
would not bring their children
Out every day
To see the wild animals
Made to look daft
No respect and no intellect
Really a raft
of arrogant
Climbing about
Being ridden on
Without a doubt

You are humiliating
These wonderful souls
Insulting their patience
Giving them roles
Your paltriness beckons
Yes you are to blame
For their disentitlement
Which is no game

Its weighted against them
Its discrimination
They need a sanctuary
Not domination
Moved about everyday
From the venue I see
On line its too much
Its just wrong actually

Take out all the animals
Just let them be
Its really heartless
To pay and to see
The worst of intentions
Played out in a ring
With very loud music and
Oodles of bling.

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