Free diving around Rurutu

Looking to dive with the great
Humpback whales
Its not as easy
And there are some fails
Clearly the whales really
Have to be resting to photograph
Them easily.

An ethic exists no scuba allowed
Its noisy and upsetting
And altogether loud
Free diving is quieter
No bubbles at all
Just quietly observing
Kind of in free fall

What we found out
From this film
Is divers do need
To be patient
For days and days
to succeed
One sees the blue planet
But the realisation
Of extensive filming
Needs good location

The momentous humpback
A sea island soul
Is so unpredictable
For that control
The weather must be
just so right
And the waves
Not really too rough
Free diving

Whales are always in motion
And so to observe
Their habitat with them
Does take some nerve
For clearness and clarity
Eye catchingly
And Better pictures
You just have to be
And be careful
And Perceived to be
Gentle by the mother
Who is wonderfully
Very protective of her calf
And therefore
Filming and learning
Does take so much more

Time than I thought
These great beasts are quite shy
One needs to get close
To identify
From the tail from the pleats
And from the dorsal fin
And take pictures of them
And then you begin

To record them and know them
And find out
where they go
At thirty tons
And, still they grow
Amazingly buoyant
Changeless are they
Meandering oceans
All seeing each day

Warm hearted beings
With much empathy
A sound disposition
Fraternal and free
Spirited souls
Favouring play
Overflowing with kindness
Good natured I’d say
Tender and pitiful
Bountiful too
Soft hearted and tender
As they do what they do

The amazing humpback whales
Of RUrutu and Moorea

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