Dragons that fly

Ancient and modern
They have been around
300 million years
And have found
Their true design features
Are above and beyond
Those that came after
Whatever they donned

Size and huge canines
Still dragonflies
Have lasted the aeons
Through very tough skies
eighty times longer
Than the first human who
Looked rather hairy
And not much like you

Two compound eyes
Being able to see
360 degrees
And the key
Designer clothes
Liquid metal
Stained glass
The rainbow
None in their class

They hover like a copters
And dart off at speed
The perfect predator
And they can feed
On butterflies moths
Each other and flies
Just any insect
That flies through
The skies

During Pancaea
One continent here
They plied the river banks
Without much fear
Perfect designs
As they are now it seems
The works of the f a e
From forgotten dreams

When they built the pyramids
Dragon flies flew
Before the Dinosaurs
Dragon flies knew
Older than the hilla
Weightless ballet they share
30 beats a minute
Up into the air

Aero dynamically
Perfect they be
Transparent wings
Work so beautifully
A membrane between them
A lotus effect
Fast tireless flyers
Far distance unchecked

If They fall its the terrapins
Frogs toads
And birds
Kingfishers bee catchers
I’ m lost for words
These beautiful creatures
The FAE seemingly
Are loved by big spiders
And ducks too
Might be

Interested in them
If they fall in the pond
And get a bit drenched
Dragon flies are not fond
Of drowning in water
Its then that they can
End up as dinner
For the predator man

They have two lives
Underwater they be
For months of for years
Forming their destiny
Which maybe to climb
Up a reed and to be
A beautiful dragonfly
That you all see

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