Canadian Embassy 4/5 Trafalgar Square 1pm -5pm

1pm till 5
End this awful massacre
Of baby seals

And graceful on the ice floes
Until the murdering scum
Bash their tiny brains out
And drag them off
Though some
really some are still
Alive they whimper
And they cry
Blood snd guts
In ugly streams
As they sadly die

The dishonesty and artfulness
The corruptibility
Base and shabby abjectness
There for all to see
Villainous rascality
Lawbreaking turpitude
Treacherous and false hearted
Ofcourse they all are screwed

The killers have no morals
Lost to shame they be
Depravity and flagrancy
Such an enormity
Of wrong doing such transgressions
Of cheap unworthiness
Unvirtuous and immoral
Causing such callous stress

The miscreants earn bounties
Good for nothing gits
Graceless and unworthy
All of them little shits
Vulgar and immoral
Perverted through and through
Henchman of the Trudeau clan
Who all know what they do

Innocent little babies
By the side of mothers who
Have given birth
Who know their worth
Their harmlessness all through
They have all passed their suckling stage
Milk sops so to say
Unspotted and unblemished
But murdered anyway

A refusal to recant their crimes
No apology
No compunction no remorse
Hardened sinners be
Out there violent monsters
Unrelenting yobs
Unashamed and unblushing
And noisy with their gobs

Our protest is with temperence
Borne from integrity
Uprightness to the very cause
Of spirituality
Of morality and rectitude
Of virtue good and clear
Ethical and seraphic
And principled right here

Utter contempt and vile disdain
Despised by all who hear
The skull bashed in
The whimpering cries
The totality of sin
Canada you depress me
This paltriness abroad
Despicable beneath contempt
And your big reward

Disrespect of Nature
Discourtesy you display
Your low esteem we feel it
Your insolence is way
Up there in the irreverential scheme
Injurious and scurrilous
Each tiny babies scream

Is total impropriety
And illegitimacy
These murderers should be arrested
Our grievance all can see
Its unfitting its inappropriate
Felonious and wrong
Unwarrantable unpardonable
And on this world doesnt belong

Tell your friends and everyone to join our throng
Of PROTECTORS to voice their disgust as loudly as they can
Bring drums bring whilstles bring those of good heart.

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