Cambodia and how it treats PIGS

The production of pork
Is a tragic affair
The poor pigs are tortured
Now most everywhere
In Cambodia sadly
Cruelty rules
In their slaughterhouses
Its all done by fools

Who do not understand
Their sensitivity
The fact that they feel pain
The fact that they see
Others being tortured
And killed its not fair
To let them see others
Filled with such despair

Hit on the head with pipes
Till they all scream
Their throats slit a’sunder
Disembowelled by a team
Of villains and louts
With no feelings at all
None of these rotters
Could have been to school

Bloodshed and butchery
The abattoir
More like a knackers yard
Thats where they are
Suffering terribly
Put to the axe
Purged and just tortured
Subject to attacks

Insentient rogues
Spaced out and stoned
Cold individuals
Callous all owned
By the devil himself
Catatonic and numb
Revealing their hatred
And boy are they some

Unreasoned and arbitrary
Closed minds I see
Crass with their ignorance
Uncivilized savages
Artless tis true
Murdering scumbags
In all that they do

Thanks Peta for your video
Hopefully more will see this
And think of a vegan diet more readily

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