Butterflies soon will not flutter by

Pandering to the chemical giants
The brain dead super rich
America feels confident
Truthfully now to pitch
Its love of the likes of Monsanto
Against our creative god
The fight against BIG PHarma
Who doesnt give a sod
For life outside the laboratory
Or their bunkers in the ground
When they kill the lot of us
The bastards will be found

Living in perpetuity
In their chemical stew
With their in built immunity
Thats what they will do
The dogbane lost forever
The Monarch Butterflies
Forgotten in a moment
And its best you realise

By sitting on your precious hands
And or walking away
And letting the farmers do this
Letting the DiCamber spray
Permeate our very souls
And it will then maim
the myriad Monarchs that once lived
And you all can share the blame

Dogbane family Asclepias
Beautiful orange black and white butterflies
Who live on the precious milkweed.

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