Barbara Fruth and her work with Bonobo’s

BOnobo’s congo basis healers
Can we learn and hope to share
From the rainforest the pharmacy
Possibly with care
Pulchritude and perfection
The rainforest an endless dream
Such magic born of nature
Whose radiance does seem
To harbour many many wonders
And one soul on this universe
A german lady Barbara Fruth
Decided that she would immerse
Berself in study of an ape
The Bonobo where she could just escape

Find a serendipity on their level
She could be
Such panache and resoluteness
And to really try and to redress
The balance for she understood
That we can learn from them
And good
May come from observation
Was bumbled by their constancy

Her integrity was very clear
She made her camp and without fear
Decided she would spend two months
Each year
Following bonobo’s everyday
Respecting them in every way
A code of honour she possessed
And studying them she felt blessed

Unsullied by the work out there
The many miles to walk and share
The Nkundo people themselves who gave
Their help and their labour wanting to save
The apes and to understand
The instinctive knowledge perhaps the hand
Of Nature too gave them a place
To actually help the human race

With forests all around the world
Being destroyed mans sickness hurled
Across the many acres he
Slash and burn insanity
Tearing down the flora rich
Into battle he does pitch
The might of devastation to
These miracles of light and dew

She alone could see the pain
With moral fibre she could gain
Perhaps a foothold in their sphere
Observing them from very near
Showing respect in glowing terms
And that this research coukd just confirm
That great apes can self medicate
Instinctively thus to placate

Injuries and wounds and ills
The forest proving the many skills
Of choosing medicinal plants
To learn first hand to have that chance
She had the light and the vision to
Honour their presence and quietly view
Their habits regard them and admire
Study tHeir droppings and light a fire

In her own heart extraordinarily
It was their sustainablity
Her adoration for a kindly group
Who live in the now and are in the loop
Close to the earth in touch with the sky
Indigenous creatures born on high
What they eat and how they chew
And what they pass yes the whole crew

Able to spend some weeks away
Watching the Bonobo’s work and play
Having character and integrity
With abstinence and frugality
From the film such sensitivity
Closely watching wanting to be
In their aura seeing their space
Their tender hearted gushing grace

Their exhileration and impact for
The other members equally sure
The troop were intelligent and self aware
They groomed each other with extra care
Their temperament was peaceful they
Seemed to enjoy each passing day
A constant presence since 2002
Gave some protection and help her do
The amount of work that needs be out here
to Max Planc and the antwerp zoo tus clear
The gardeners of the forest they
Are an integral part of the forest today

They spread the seeds the dung beetles too
Who turn over the ground they bury the poo
And so a rewilding continuously
goes on Unlike man where obtuseness can be
Really frustrating for loggers cant see
The ancientness lost in their profitable quest
To earn for the moment with incredible zest
But fail to remember the future must be
Prepared for a nurtured for eternity

She studies their movements every day
On which plants they eat from and takes them away
Sampling leaves leaf stems barks she is there
Building the puzzle to make us aware
Talking to the patrols going outnon treks
Ten days of study and ifcourse checks
Finding the wire traps & pulling them down
Looking for bush meat supplied to the town
Taking photographs And writing up notes
Listening to dialogue remembering quotes

Bringing back samples to show back at home
To the various institutes that really comb
Through her botanicals and the raw leaves
Hoping one day that this work achieves
A breakthrough in medicine yes possibly
For humans or environments which we know would be
Immensely proper for such eradication
Is meaning that unless we learn now
Our salvation

May not be so good we are playing with fire
The miracles happen the time out is dire
We have a short sphere before forests are gone
Man and ambition is apparently on
The up for the forests complete devastation
May very well end up destroying the nation

So you see this visionary women she be
Immensely valued by all who can see
Beyond the soft toilet rollsand the palm fat
Into the riveting jungle now at
The crossroads for discovering so much and she
Is giving her time and her mind just to see
The poachers are out there groups of them too
With the AK47′s and what can ensue from their horrid acts
Is the death And disgrace
Of so many killings all over the place
Against the corruption of governments who
Work with the bad guys the vile poachers who
Are establishing markets out in the far east
And murdering wholesale the precious wild beast

In Kenshasa the markets have specimens tHere
Bonobo bush meat on sale everywhere
The bonobo population has probably halved
Down from 100,000 and falling below
That figure even perhaps 30,000
The figures are falling as poacher groups grow
As to wild plants and the qualities there
They have sunstantiality ni matter how rare
And considerable weight on the instinctive might
Of the world of Nature and this is in spite
Of slash and burn tactics tHat ofcourse destroy
The potential of new drugs and how to employ

Their worth based on bonobo’s natural behaviour
Their special connectedness and the great flavour
And spirit of rainforests, that still exist
And the contrariness If we resist
Destroying these habitats wiping away
The miracles put there to help us to stay
Healthy and strong and for these forests too
Provide for the environment like no others do
Raping and pillaging slashing and burning
For Barbara Fruth its all very concerning.

Research work continuing

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