Aunty Ro

The right of the underdogs in this world
In the massive arena where each is hurled
There are warrior angels who do their thing
And safeguard the voiceless and try to bring
Some sanity back instinctively
Use understanding and try to be
Responsive to them in every way
Putting them first and trying to play
The devils advocate all the time
Giving out love its true the climb
Out of the darkness can sometimes be
Hard on the warriors As we see

Aunty Ro a stalwart she
Is close to the earth
And emotionally
Sympathetic to all wild souls
And demonstrates her caring roles
Her effusive spirit and eagerness
Its an inspiration whatever stress
She faces enthusiastically
With a joyfulness everyone can see

She feels the heartaches the angst and woe
How unpleasant when their ordeals grow
And I know she enjoys the peace of mind
Fighting their corner coming from behind
A convivial joyful soul is she
Buoyant and hopeful her aura be
Out there ready to take them down
Full of courage she goes to town
With her feisty temperament
She does amaze
us all in fact and helps to raise
All our spirits for thats aunty Ro
We love her to bits and most of you know

She is open to lesrning her ancestry
An unbroken line a rich pedigree
Of noble stock we can all agree
And since twitter said GO her integrity
We have missed it its a challenge for
All of us for we miss her more
She’s a soul mate she’s one of a kind
A musketeer with a perfect mind

Dear Aunty Ro missing you

2 comments on “Aunty Ro

  1. Cienwen Hickey on said:

    Thank you Rex for these beautiful word that are so true about a beautiful soul.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      As you know I have never met her but I pick up so much from my work and
      Felt sure she is how I described her thanks for writing give her my love

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