Their music
Their art
It all comes from the heart
Its apparent to me
It is, how they see
The earth at their feet
Its vibrant upbeat
The wind in their hair
Comes from everywhere

The breath demonstrates
The yidaki way
The labour of termites
On a given day
Burrowing skywards
Hollowing out
Making it possible
Leaving all doubt

Unmasking the spirit
Lifting the veil
Feeling the heat
Out on the trail
The whole symbolism
The great mystery
To embrace the earth
And forever be free

The fire from the aura
The sublimnal way
We remain undetected
On a given day
Evading the white man
His ugly attempt
To take over our shadow
And try to pre-empt

The ways of the ancients
The visions we see
The cry of the outback
Its bursts from each tree
We speak to the Roo’s
And to the goanna too
Sharing the secrets
Of what we must do

Each camouflaged
In the colour of soul
Evading their gaze
Restricting their role
Furtive and catlike
We leap in the air
Giving nothing away
But hoping to share

The inscrutable smile
For all thats unknown
The eucalpts messages
From being sown
In the winds of reaction
Affirming our wealth
A peaceful assertiveness
Addressed with stealth

It comes from our mother
The realms that we know
The earth so majestic
Her mind teaching flow
When we sleep her tutorials
Open our mind
To the heartfelt transfusion
That helps us unwind

In our paintings we register
Dreamtime and more
The colours express
The ochres adore
The design the technique
Embedded it be
In perspective
And what you might call

Our mother tongue
Derived from its source
The way she delivers
The moments of force
The carroling songsters
The barking the roar
Its our living language
For evermore

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