A Wild life smuggler’s story

Some of the rich and some politicians
And People in the know
People who think they have made it
Who have a big ego
Whose mindfulness is zero
Whose arrogance is high
Who think because they have money
They can live a great big lie
They can bag themselves
A wild life pet
Be seen with an orangutan
Dress it up in human clothes
And let it join their clan
Which encourages some poorer souls
Who may not be mindful, who
Will see the opportunity
And take it so to do
Get involved with wild life crime
Thats what many do
For although the risks are high
The cash will get them through.

One such smuggler tells us
They go after the young
They look for a nursing mother
They chop down the tree
themslves they catch the mother
Kill her with a gun
And take the baby from her
So the deed is done
One particular mother
Before she had expired
Pumped her chest and expressed some milk
For her child’s sake It just fired
Him up with such emotion
That the smuggler at the scene
Said he felt like he had killed a human being
And he had been

So mortified to have witnessed that
And after the event
He stopped the smuggling business
And hoped that he could repent
Now he is working with investigations
Really Hoping he
Can help to stop the wild life trade
And all its cruelty
And its all about the rich guys
The circus and the zoo
Who dress these babies up in clothes
For clearly the clueless who
Pay money to see cruelty
As ignorant as they are
Allowing these gangs to continue
Pushing corruption very far
Officials at the airports
Diplomatic bags
A kind of wild life mafia
Despite the obvious flags
And more and more young orphans
Are being found to be
In boxes sent by air declared as something else
They see

Gibbons languars orangutans
All destined to be
In some rich mans great big house
For an eternity
The police are bloody useless
They have the whereforall
But choose to turn a blind eye
Forget to chase or call
Irresolution everywhere
Spinelessness perhaps
Corruption which is massive
And its not all under wraps
Its wickedness and thoughtlessness
It is a crying shame
There is always a sad ending
For the shock they feel us the same

They were taken with their mothers
Being fed and taught the ropes
And expecting some rich idiot
To just build up their hopes
Which presumably some people think
Is something they can do
And Proves how totally unkind they are
Its the cruelest kind of view
And feally its for certain
These animals may die
If they are not discovered
And again the risks are high
There should be massive sentences
The ringleaders should get
20 years hard labour
And any fines that are set
Should include taking their assets
deter these criminals they
Might realise if the risks are high
That they bloody well out weigh
Any rewards they are getting
And put their myg shits
far and wide
Si everyone will know them
As they do their time inside
Banged up for a lifetime
Their lifetime let them feel
What its like to lose their freedom
And all without appeal
20 years means 20 years
And those caught they all should
Not be treated leniently
Which I think would be good

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