Sick zoo’s in Thailand

The continued artlessness
And unworldly bias
Is conflating zoology
Now with a way
Of increasing profit
With recourse to care
And abusing the animals
Resident there

Great apes
Persons of the forest
Arboreal apes
Who live in tHe trees
They do not walk around
With their feet on the ground
So making them do that
Wont please

The supporters who come
With some fresh entertainment
Getting the apes to box in the ring
Make them wear gloves
And believe this is normal
This is abuse
Its a very cruel thing

Thailand is good at this
Weird dark obsession
Of getting great apes
To perform in this way
Clearly their intelligence
Is higher than the keeper
Who prostitutes morals
For the match of the day

The apes are in shock
Being forced to do battle
It shows the mentality
Of human kind
Who is the master
And who is the slave
Of circumstance surely
The zookeepers mind

He and his board
Have a dose of inertia
Unconscious unimaginative
Passionless fools
Taking advantage
Of what are wild victims
Worked up and frightened
As the audience calls

There is genuine suffering
Apes feet can’t take it
Pain an affliction happens
Right away
They are the scapegoats
Of warped profiteering
Neurotic management
With little to say

The red ape is intelligent
Bright as a button
Hates this castigation
This adversity
Getting punched getting kicked
Getting smacked getting clouted
Whats it about
all of this third degree

Orangutan boxing
We have to condemn it
Zoo’s of this calbre should face the chop
Close them all down
And imprison the keepers
Convict the buggers
Just go to town

Arboreal apes
Are joyful and caring
It is the canopy where they should be
Eating fresh fruit
And enjoying their labours
Not stuck in a boxing ring
Working for free

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