Vernal equinox

Light and thrust and energy
Vigour life and intensity
Vim and zip
And dynamics there
And an undertaking and a need
To share
A month before the ice and the snow
Worked to freeze
The sod below
But now the vernal equinox
With its noble warmth
That just unlocks
Movement and alacrity
And the sweetest snowdrops
You will ever see

Peeping from the hard-pan floor
Along with the crocuses we see
Their spark and spirit and whatsmore
Daffodils Pure gold for me
Dancing sideways in the rain
Their enterprise and industry
Such golden boughs of joyfulness
Brimstone sulphur Dancing free

A pigeon with his collar white
The raven clad in ebony
An intelligent fellow
Upon the green
A time when worms arrive to be
Conforming to their actual need
For light and warmth just to succeed

The alder by the eighteenth day
Indicative of why
Our need to build our bridges
Where personal conflicts lie
The alder offers protection
A vernal metaphor
We need the strength and character
Its what this wood is for

With added strength to pull us through
To the willow which will be
Taking its place on the fifteenth day of April
Within this auric equinox
such positivity
We all need light and thats inspite
Of the frost we still may see

We are gathered here at the Rollright stones
Our thoughts bright as the sky
Being with like minds today
The only reason why
Each of us makes this trip here
Our consciousness on fire
To share another equinox together
Who can tire

From the spirit and the emotion
Of meeting friends who we
Love to join our circle
Where together we can be
True friends sharing magic
Sharing good thoughts and today
The inner child in all of us
Can you feel it wants to play

The moles have been a working
Sifting through the soil
Blindly going down their tunnels
For them they love to toil
building mounds of crafted earth
Hopeful they might be
Dangerous for disabled bards
Whose tread resembles me.

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