The sun doesnt set on a certain pig farm in Shepton Mallet

PIGS Are given a hard time
For The Meat Trades needs are met
They need to compete with the EU
Intensively to get
A profit from the upkeep
Its become undeniably sad
Filthy dirty conditions
That are universally bad

How pigs live and what they eat
How they nest
Its all about the balance sheet
And profitability
That is the agenda
The pigs exist inside
On concrete floor
Or strip wire floors
Their Comfort is denied

Cleanliness neglected
They poop where they lie
They share their bedroom
With the rats
And foxes do come by
To eat the piglets lying dead
Covered in maggots they
Live in the hell we provide for them
Every single day

Its filmed its documented
Unimaginable hell
To drag ones life out in these hovels
And the awful smell
There is no excuse for these animals
To be treated in this way
Such meagreness such sparseness
Why do they have to pay?

Such a high price for living
In our concentration camp
Totally inadequate
Rank and awfully damp
Vulgar shoddy makeshift quarters
A Draughty chaotic state
Slovenly and just bedlam
You can see they hate

Being in this shit hole
Prisoners in time
Suffering the agony
Of living in the slime
The repulsiveness and evil
Such doom and gloom that grows
The dead just left to accumulate
Flies as they decompose

Its life threateningly evil
Neglecting pigs like this
Stifling and miasmic
We are taking the piss
Creating cannabalistic traits
With corpses everywhere
We shame ourselves for being
Creatures of despair

And biogas a by product
Of the slurry here
Anaerobic digesters
Good energy its clear
Buying into green gas
Out of what is hell
And caring folks supporting it
Creating such a smell

The sensitive the delicate
Rewarded for the way
They all support green issues
And supposedly they say
Their awareness and their consciousness
Is supposedly green
By using and not abusing
What is the pigs latrine

And then we learn the poor pigs
Are suffering a fate
Behind closed doors
To no applause
They sink in shit of late
Revolting and disgusting
Loathsome stinking rank
Just so Mr Farmer can put payments
In his bank

The miasma of rancidity
The putrefaction gas
Malodorous and sulphurous
All these pigs en masse
Squealing bawling stamping
Thunderously so
A raucousness a shrillness
Some choking as we know

Poorly lit and gloomy
Sunless moonless veils
Nightmares happening around their feet
Biting each others tails
Contrary to reason
Unwarranted and unsound
Its a foregone conclusion
For anyone around

Surely narrow-mindedness
What seems a one-track mind
Wrong-headed and unseeing
Gung-hoish and now blind
To misjudgement and inanity
To shallowness for they
Are clearly so incompetent
By the back end of each day.

The National Grid Sainsbury’s Good Energy
WYke Farms Ltd all sharing the methane rich biogas
Apparently ignorant of the hell hole from which some of the slurry
Was collected from.

The farm in question the Lambrook Farm JMW Farms.
Was written up in the Mail in February 2017

2 comments on “The sun doesnt set on a certain pig farm in Shepton Mallet

  1. Maria Fernada da Silve Maia on said:

    Thank you Rex, excelent

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Glad you enjoyed it this pig farms and what has followed shows just how crazy we all are for subscribing to these fools

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