The “Earth” song a Tribute to creation

Its Now become undeniable
How the corporatocracy
By amassing its unbelievable powers
Is causing us to see
The basic precepts of life on earth
Once positive but now
Are Suffering from the negatives
Worsening by the hour

The “EARTH” song
Reached into our minds
Tugging at our hearts
The lifes blood of this planet
The beauty it imparts
To the sensitives
And there are many
Who can feel that pain
The animals the birds and the fish
Who feel their lives are in vain

The children and the parents
And the those who fight for the rights
Of all the living souls alive
Who act as guiding lights
Creating positive outcomes
By seeing through our eyes
All the wonders that exist
And then who realise

We all can make a difference
In everything we do
Smiling, being kind to others
Being mindful through
Each day, and looking out for
Those souls finding it hard
Giving them a helping hand
Whether a musician or a Bard

Talk up positivity
Move others to become
Caring loving sharing
Thoughtful in the hum
Of Bees , and song of birds
And those who voicelessly
Just Communicate their happiness
With every soul they see

Feed the birds in winter
Eat with awakened minds
Protect the under valued
Lets establish brand new signs
Of showing such compassion
And the truest empathy
The earth song really just spells out
How compassion Constantly

Will change this lovely planet
Utopia can be
Obtainable look to the sky
To the stars forever free
To the trees the flowers
The beauty, it is really everywhere
Be kind to one another
And its riches lets all share

The “Earth” Song

Lets rejoice in the wonders of creation

Inspired by Fernada Maia

2 comments on “The “Earth” song a Tribute to creation

  1. Maria Fernada da Silve Maia on said:

    Excelent i really admire you so ! So easy for you to do something so beautiful, like this poem! Thank you Rex !

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