Creative comedic laughter and joy
A figure of vigour
His passionate ploy
90 Long years
Entertainment his thing
An eruption of mirth
From his ardour did bring

Heartfelt emotion
The notion that he
Could work on the boards
And intelligently
Be a real force
At the venues where he
Displayed his briliiance
Through chuckle and glee

His voice his demeanour
His approving style
A one man transfusion
He ticked every dial
Always succinct with a power
To his arm
Immensely hardworking
And exuding such charm

He stood in the spotlight
And chortled away
In our minds be has laid
Down a clever display
Of the art the comedians
True exultation
A wealth of expression
Throughout our nation

He built up such an aura
Of revelling cheer
“How tickled we were”
Really to hear
Such honest endeavour
To strive and to be
A worthy champion
Honest and free

Holding an audience
Working each hour
His repartee
Providing the power
His sense of humour
Befitting us all
Be gave us his reason
To always stand tall

High jinks and merriment
That was his game
Comicalness a whimsical flame
That burned ever brighter
With each joke he told
He ignited the spirit
The spirit Of old

There were never shock tactics
He worked miracles by
Attaining a confidence
That did belie
The crude and the violent
The prejudiced who
Could not hold a candle
To DOddy my view.

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