It happened in Salisbury

Its easy to lead
Those who would rather not know
The ways of the mind
Moved by the flow
Of negative consequence
And nullified thought
And Unfounded stories
Unbegotten and caught

Up in the melee
of extinct ways
To find an oblivion out of a phase
Of iciness we must remember and fix
Our eyes on the emerging economy mix
BRICS is reviving the wish to become
Industrialised countries
Far removed from the thumb

Of the banksters and corporatocracy
Whose curdling cries
At XIAMEN last year
Saw Their inevitable rise
BRICS holds that wave
Feels that positive force
INDIA on course
Billions of souls
Its no mean creation
40 per cent of the worlds

To reform is the focus
Globally they
Want a new global reserve currency
At the end of the day
Upsetting the applecart
Which clearly they do
And The darkly knights who
Control the EU

The IMF and the World Bank
Both see
An encroaching tide
And their monopoly
At risk and so PUTIN
Now finds that he
Is ahead on the surf
Of expectancy

The new CRA
It clearly enthralls
And worries the old guard
And the privileged fools
Spats propaganda evolve
Down the line
Lacking true substance
As absurdly they dine

Out on the spoils
The rumour the goss
The fake news
The bodiless meaningless dross
One Sergei Skripol
Biding his time
In an old Sleepy Salisbury
Just a short climb

To Porton Down
Where an investigation
Is now taking place
Of the terrible nerve agent
The whole operation
Sprang into being
Just the other day
When an old Russian Spy
And his daughter
Did pay

With their health
And their lives maybe
Its too soon to say
Both found on a bench
Gravely ill
And today
The army the police
The government all
Are Pontificating
And there is a wall

Of doubt thats emerging
That Russia might be
The vile perpetrators
And so what we see
Is media coverage
Supposition and more
He exiled here
And Attacked in the raw

Great fear in our midst
Rolling in from the hills
Just up the road where the substance
Now stills
The hearts of examiners
Who foster belief
Its a state of affairs
Which is harbouring grief

Being fuelled everyday
Its Oxygen rich
A quandary of sorts
But where most now pitch
The blame
Towards Russia and Putin
Who knows
That he holds the cards
As hostility grows

A mirage absorbing
Some antipathy
The adverseness on offer
And criminality
Discordant voices
The media they
Are upping the anti
But moving away
From the truth one might feel
Countercurrents appear
To muddy the water
And increase the fear

Its easy to blame
And run with the theme
To point out the obvious
And try to redeem
Some light from the darkness
That some now create
A new volatility
To infuriate

The victims
A nerve agent
On British streets
Both Russians close to death
All this unseats
The mental parlance
The slippery slope
The wavering fears
And our failure to cope

Scapegoats attributes
Sound bites galore
Brainwashing sessions
Is what its done for
The element fear
Breeding unrest abroad
At a price in the main
That we cannot afford

We wait for the murmurings
But clearly we see
All this given oxygen
The New world Order
The de-pop brigade
The threats to bumanity
Being displayed.

Creating the sounds
A reveraberation
Such a cacophony
A machination
Advesity misery
And a hapless regard
For what is constancy.

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