They are killing the angels
Dropping like flies
If you protect animals
Its no surprise
If others are making a killing
Then they
Will try very hard to put you away

Ivory sales the elephant clan
Rhinocerus horn despite the ban
Despite the guards despite it all
The rogues and the murdering gangs
Yea they rule

Wayne lotter a south african
Angel who tried
Born in Benoni no where to hide
He worked his butt off trying to save
But sadly was shot
And now lies in his grave
51 years youthful and strong
Shot dead last August
Of course it was wrong

Esmond Bradley Martin
An american who
Fought to save Rhino’s
Worked tirelessly through
His life a protector
Stabbed in the neck
This month in Nairobi
They keep a check

On the angels out there
Doing their thing
Protecting the voiceless
And what that does bring
To the planetary mindset
So many tears
More risks for the animals
And of course fears

Wayne Lotter 4/12/1965 – 16/8/2017

Esmond Bradley Martin 17/4/1941 -4/2/2018

True angels

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