Myanmar and its elephants

Died out vanished lost and gone
The elephants of Myanmar
MongLa Bago Yama towns
THe Yangon region
Clearly drowns
in elephant blood
For what we see
Is the vilest darkest murdering spree

Not a scrap of sense
Pure hollowness
Bloodshed, butchery
The realization of blinding stress
Unconscious oblivious unaware
The truth is really hard to share

5000 elephants maybe more
In the late nineties
In those raw
found their paradise
But it has been at a high price

The savage heart
The wilful soul
The retardation of the troll
Like savage
Low brow subnormal whose
Moronic state of minds refuse

The power of thought
Of knowing where
The mind should focus
And be aware
Of the dark paths
Down which minds can go
The treachery
how it does grow

The disinformation
The unfounded lies
Quacks and fraudsters
How They disguise
Truths and empathy
And we feel the pain
As the innocent die
In the jungle rain

The disinclination
To think a while
To reject the sinful
To taste the bile
Where the unconsenting
Are darted with pesticides
And frantically

Die in their a bubble of
Agonized hate
The motive was money
An iniquitous state
Putting the boot in
Outrage and shame
Misery and distress
All part of the game

A great and majestic beast
Crashes to the floor
A personal tragedy
All would abhor
Wicked insidious
Lost to our world
Such futility

Functionless pointless
Feckless and wrong
An earning capacity
It appears strong
The skin will be stripped off
And dried in the sun
A female and calf
And no need for a gun

Its an obnoxiousness
Right to the core
A most majestic creature
Becomes blood and gore
For what for a medicine
And jewelery
Second rate products
That should never be

Only the warped
Minds of disrupted fools
The bane of existence
Where bitterness calls
Could oppress with such vigour
Such crass cruelty
Such malignant spitefulness
And deplorably

Be this outrageous
This monstrous this dire
Creating a stinking and nauseous fire
Of resentment and evil
And infernal harm
By maltreating a mother and baby
So calm

They were true perfection
Flawless ideal
Both insurpassable
They both did reveal
A true resourcefulness
Gifted with care
A deftness and mastery
Open to share

But lost in the violence
The pugnacity
Unprovoked aggression
Assailants all three
Darted and speared
Both of them felt the wrath
Mother and child
Both to enter the path

Of little resistence
Just giving way
To the poisonous darts
To prostration today
There was never mercy
These savages threw
Their spears at both animals
And they all knew

The spoils were their skins
The ovation of grief
Such sickness such ugliness
Beyond belief
Hell upon earth a rollercoaster affair
A cold wind was blowing
That both souls could share

Their skin would be dried
Stripped off and rolled
Turned into skin cream
And bloody well sold
To the highest of bidders
For eczema oh dear!
And for beaded bracelets
In markets of fear

So many elephants have
Hit the ground
Most of them poisoned
When they were found
The stench of their putrification
But as to why they were
It just makes no sense

Mongla on the border
Of China
It be a vile place
Of darkest criminality
Wild animal products
Are just everywhere
Elephant skin pangolins
And ivory share

The abusive markets
Where the scum of the earth
Are found to be trading
Merchants by birth
Dealing in blood guts and
Heartache and pain
This must be purgatory
Come back again

The shrinking forests
Are losing wild souls
Elephant nunbers
Without the controls
Have lapsed to a thousand
The uneasy throng
The wailing the weeping
The present day song
The groaning the moaning
The obscenity
Of replacing the innocent
With vulgarity

The monstrous and grotesque
Makes no difference at all
There still is a market
And each ghastly stall
Is packed to the heavens
With evil attire
With inconsolable items
Forlorn and dire

And its all selling
The prophets of doom
The spoils unimagined
Raked out of the tomb
A hopeless situation
Rancour and spite
A bitter pill cometh
In the dark of the night

Ailing and loathsome
Revoltingly so
Offensive to so many
Now in the know
Maynmar Laos and Cambodia
To witness the scourge
That is happening here
Fuelled by China
Me thinks
And the smouldering dawn
Of wrathfulness
In which so many are torn

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