We steal peoples identitities
We homogenize their senses
their huge power snd their magick
For the whites it appeared
To be
beyond their understanding
Redundantly they feared
The culture of the ancients
The genius of their might
The absorbtion of their heritage
Their dreamtime and their light

They felt the confrontation
Their adverseness their extreme
Their mother was the deep red earth
At night they heard her scream
The diverseness of the aboriginie
Their knowledge it was clear
Distinguished by their soul
Their ambivalence brought fear

Gleaned not from the modernistic
But from their ancestors who
Put their faith in Mother Earth
And at Kakadu
Could see and feel the spirit world
That haunted every gaze
And the vast great upheaval
That Would darken all their days

Uranium the nightmare
Shipped to many places
The radio activity
The lines on all their faces
Grow deeper from the arrogance
That the government allowed
To stifle opposition
Of the first people who bowed

Their heads before the sun
And realised the moon would see
The orgins of man beyond the
Retention ponds that be
Loaded with the evils
With the ravage and the fear
With the rape of their pure women
That would happen every year

The waste would stifle all of thought
The wet seasons would toss
The filth into the environment
And they all would feel the loss
Of what was the bio diversity
Of the spirit and the soul
Ranger would be an abomination
Worked without control

And so it is the indigenous
Again they live with pain
Created by the government
Who mostly were insane
Incensed with failing knowledge
Forgotten were their vows
Extracted from the land too long ago
And from its powers

Their monotony was evident
Their lack of inspiration
A heaviness and staleness
Which spread across the nation
The radiance and polish had left them long ago
They lacked all of the natural sparkle
And the misery from below

Their tastelessness so evident
Obscenities they owned
Beyond the pale and scandalous
They heard the wind that moaned
Imagining its outcome
The faltering stance and glow
Looking on the black side
Living still so long ago

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