Foie gras

There is no peace for ducks nor geese
For the human curse evolved
The malediction in the spirit
Where nothing has been solved
Gavage or force feeding
An anathema to the cause
Vulgarity depravity
so many hearts must pause

Must cut out and see angels perish
Insults slanderously
Break out at the table
A dish of purgatory
Such a volley of abuse
Creating a disease
Scurrilous and injurious
Which brings me to my knees

As their livers swell
To ten times the size that naturally
They are having been created
By the human threat and we
Witness as the liver enters
Their poor lungs and it will stay
The ducks and geese
Choke on their blood
As they pass away

If they hold out
Their wretched throats
Bleeding from inside
The so called farmer
Thrusts his knife
Not to be denied
Into the sore throat aching
And puts an end to life
The liver torn out straight away
With such abusive strife

Behold a feathered angel
Denounced for being pure
Such beastliness was evident
From this there was no cure
Evil intent was paramount
To me this dish foie gras
Basically a malignancy
A ferocious and brutal scar

Such balefulness such hatred
For a living breathing soul
Taken from its watery clime
And made to pay a toll
Ill-wishing and so spiteful
Treacherous and disloyal
Merciless and unforgiving
And to think the so called royal

Families and the gentry
Consume this violence they
Are clearly black hearted renegades
Who somehow get away
With the most unhuman flint hearted shame
Atrocious to be true
This so called food is infernal
Its what savages do

Maltreat annoy and injure
Their thirst for blood is clear
With not one degree of mercy
And clearly rampant fear
They buy and eat this evil
Pus driven all the way
Its ghoulish and its hellish
And their worst sin of the day

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