Borneo and the red apes

The wider corporatocracy
Its about their balance sheets
Eco isnt how they earn
Its about the elites
The WWF and the hunters
And those who
stand to make more money
Which the corporatocracy do

With an insatiable desire
For palm oil useage
Monopolistic and miserly they be
As for the indigenous
and any of the wild souls
Growing bigger is really how they see

Themselves and the markets
The environment not their concern
Lip service
Possibly they pay
But that is all
They have the support of those
Who have the money
Egocentric really thats their call

The orangutans and the tigers are
The elephants as well
Taking out the forests
Putting back the palm oil
Its greedy and possessive
A new hell
Spreading like the plague across
The countryside
Self-interest comes before
The greener scene
Just look at all the manufactured products
In the world,
palms the fat
That oils the big machine

Clearly on the labels
Its what its all about
Its in the greater scheme of things alas
Rainforests can be logged out
The animals dispossessed
Their principal of evil
And the power base is then blessed

They talk up restitution
And reinstatement
But it will not be happening
And they
Are snatching back the profits
Assuming far more ownership
And really as we know
They walk away

With their highly profitable businesses
And the eco
Forests once their torn down
Thats the end
Vast swathes of Palm oil now replace
The jungles
And we all know the message that does send

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