Beith / Birch

Silvery pearly frosted skin
parchment like A world within
Perhaps the carolings of birds
written in so many words
Within the groves of monochrome
The dappled leaves of every tone
Of gold and silver drenched in light
Make for a really handsome sight

The first trees ever to unveil
Their secrets on the forest trail
They stake their place and so begin
To embark on growth and To usher in
To initiate to auspicate
From the inception they kind of state
Their need to assemble one by one
A gathering when the day is done

A liveliness and virility
With overwhelming dignity
Graceful they meander well
And perhaps attract a spell
Protecting and deflecting light
Its moderately silver flight
Regular features and harmony
Straight lined unswerving symmetry
Indistinct and shadowy
And its cooling sap is the drink for me

2 comments on “Beith / Birch

  1. Mary SUTCLIFFE on said:

    Our Lady of the woods is so honoured by your words dear Rex xxx

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