Planetary survivors
Combative and strong
Their universal conflict
For some of them proved wrong
Grappling with each circumstance
Challenging the way
Crossing swords with many
And having to pay

They had stickability
Commitment and an aim
They persisted where others didnt
They had guts and they were game
Enduring and unflagging
A plodding spirit they
Were obstinate and stubborn
They didnt go away

They were brawny they were strapping
In many ways supreme
They really had the staying power
More so than it might seem
Acquiescent and consentient
Clearly opportune
Focused Yes they could conform
And primarily attune

The saving grace was changeable
Sea changes they have made
They have had to be alternative
They never could have stayed
In one place they were always
Moving on and on
Converting and transforming
Where others just have gone

All sorts of varying habitats
All sorts of dietrary need
They had a versatlity
They evolved they did succeed
They have been around forever
Survivors to the cause
And had the mind to pause

To realize shortcomings
A dental flexibility
Climbers runners swimmers
Evolution favoured them
Made them what we see
Many species died out
All along the way
The sabre tooth
The ground sloth
The mammoth
All did pay

Their camouflage was perfect
Their adaptablity
From tearing flesh off carrion
To bamboo shoots that be
Tough and needed grinding
They had the where for all
To actually have a strategy
And to really be on call

To increase tongue length
And eat termites
To adapt to not be too proud
Despite the competition
To always be ready to change
The one soul in the crowd

To adopt hibernation
Sustainable and true
Its all about evolving
It is what the bears do
They are the true survivors
And their adaptablity
Has guaranteed their place
Till now
As a species actually

Man ofcourse is their problem
All wild creatures know
Man is a warring monster
Whose arrogance does grow
Whose ignorance is obvious
Whose downfall possibly
Will come sooner or later
Till then we will have to see

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