Anjali Goswami

Enduring surviving a genuine soul
Well-grounded and tangible filling a role
Of living one’s life with the purest of glow
In essence in actual fact wanting to know
Substantiality intrinsically she
Delves into history wanting to be
Ahead of the game the embodiment she
Is really the lifesblood of humanity

An ethos where substance is morally there
Deep down deep rooted in wanting to share
An inate intelligence instilled and alive
In a mould of her own where she can survive
Dilemma’s and quandry won’t phase her at all
For her sensitive nature is clearly on call
She sees the perspective she feels and she knows
That the heart holds so much of the life giving prose

There is no need for camouflage her spirit shines
Through the darkness of ages past sediment lines
Up the true dna of the planet and she
Has the spirit and love to help us to see
The creativeness present the inventiveness too
The uniqueness of time and what it can do
Using her time she finds the stories behind
What others may miss in the back of their mind

Being able to summon the creative juice
The predominant factors that clearly produce
An unrivalled unsurpassed meaning to where
The long winding road of the creature called bear
Their resilience and cohesion inextricably linked
In that passage of time which for her was succinct
And within her own mind she was able to see
And understand why the bears could be where they be

You can feel her integrity its all-embracing
Her research is heart felt always she is facing
The routine of time the value of grace
The unbroken order within every case
The power of upheavel the intricacy
The chink in the armour and where it may be
Dishevelled and tousled from hours of research
But drom deep within from her own sacred church
She has the whereforall to so appraise
The logical the order the harmonic phase

The primordial factors each sequal to now
Based on mindful heartaches with the pressure of how
The embryonic and random excess
the initiates quandry and wanting for less
Feeling the destiny knowing the cause
Able to see through the mists and to pause
Her uniqueness of thought her diversity
And what is the mosaic of plurality

Surrounded by history, eternity
May feel quite distant
Until we agree
And know we make differences yes endlessly
But can in a moment of pure frailty
Discover a link to perpetuity
I believe from your words
Palaeontology rules
From primitive man
To the present day fools

And one hopes that your knowledge
Can awaken those who
Are in the wrong place
And don’t see what you do

Poem about bears
Inspired by Anjali

If only the warring factor had the qualities of Anjali and her friends
This planet would be wonderful.

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