When you Decapitate an angel I know where you will end up

Nothing but douchebags thats all they are
To do to an angel a whale and a star
A whole pod of pilots struck down and all lost
Their heads torn a’sunder and what is the cost
Ill omened and ominous my hearts in despair
To see these wise angels just rotting out there
Knifed by some retard in the crimson swell
As they ride on the briney straight into Hell

Look at the face clearly in mortal fear
I have collywobbles now from ear to ear
It gives me the creeps seeing beings this way
With scum bags scott free at the end of the day
Loyal to the end valour so high
Intrepid and daring thats why they die
Enmasse all protecting each other and they
Die everyone of them yes they all pay

Its the Faroes islands of such detestation
A loathing abhorrence for any nation
Antagonism obnoxiousness
An unlovable race who I couldnt love less
I look into the face of the victim and see
A beautiful angel looking at me
Doused in their excrement lost in their puke
A smouldering anger I wish I could nuke
Every last one of them for evil they be
Stealing pure lives from the depths of the sea

Their malignancy threatens their balefulness too
Gloating so happy cutting into
These vivacious mammals whose charity flows
Being viciously murdered the vulgarity shows
They are evildoers villains infact
And seeing these dead souls how can we react
Everythings wrong its wickedness they
Will get what is coming on their judgement day

2 comments on “When you Decapitate an angel I know where you will end up

  1. Lavinia Lowndes on said:

    I’d like to blow up all the vile pilot whale murderes on the Faroe Islands. Such a shame it’s illegal or I’d DO IT!

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