Stanley and Josephine

We are unique in several ways
Our feet our bills
And if you gaze
You might notice what we say
And how we get around each day

My name is Stanley
Human John
gave me the name
He just locked on
To me one day
Deciding that
It suited me
Thats where i am at

My girl friend
She’s called Josephine
And with her recently I have been
Another set of ears and eyes
When flying really in the skies

Us cockatoo’s really we feed
In open fields where we succeed
In finding nuts and seeds
But we
take leaves and buds
From any tree

Insects too
That is where
We build our nests
And clearly share

An existing hole
We will check it out
Tart it up
Its all about
Our little place
Giving it some female grace

A lot of us feed
And tend to be
Its because more see
Whats going on,and that is great
Safety in numbers
We do rate

Our feet are different
4 toes do you see
Two face forwards
Two backwards they be
Different in the sense
It helps us climb
That does rhyme

We have hollow bones
Which help us fly
Air sacs around our bodues lie
When the air gets thin
We manage to
Flap around
Thats what we do

Both parts of our bill
Can move
So in a sense we are in the groove
Top and bottom can you see
Most birds dont have this

I like John he is good to me
Feeds me stuff
Makes me happy
Now I am courting
She does her thing a lot
Her scene

Is out beyond the forest where
She likes to fly
And likes to share
Special seeds that only she
Knows about
Thats what she told me

So we stay put there
And forage too
We fly with the group
Its what we do
We go and see John
And his gorgeous smile
He’s a vegan
And we stay awhile

He doesnt eat birds
In him we trust
He feeds us well
So he’s a must
We are cockatoo’s
And we sing the blues
And we love bright colours
And are seldom fussed

One little thing
You might not know
Is we poop but never pee
Its out
Through our cloaca
Yes goodbye
Crop gizzard intestines
As we fly

If we drink a lot
We release some too
When we actually have our poo
Sorry to actually end on that note
But stanley is happy
What I have wrote

Its lovely to have a human
Friend like John Locker

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  1. Thank you Rex for this wonderful poem about Stanley & Josephine I will post it up

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