Poor dog

The great scale of humility
Falls on a few
And sadly so many suffer they do
One little soul was half buried there
whimpering quietly in so much despair
Very few heard him but there were a few
Who came with a blanket and empathy too
Examined the dog and clearly they saw
A very bad wound looking terribly raw

Its organs exposed it was dreadful to see
But with care and attention
To the veterinary
Who realised rapidly how bad it was
Cleaned the wound stitched it and bandaged
The need was there so to do
And now we see
The dog wags his tail and runs easily.

There are a few angels in every place
With small golden hearts and an ordinary face
They give where they can of their time and their care
And when victims whimper sometimes they are there
Animal aid giving hope to the few
Such a wonderful outfit who know whatv to do.

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