Orca captivity and freedom

The immortal the undying
The great expanse of sea
The indestructible everywhere
Where Orca’s like to be
Pods of special creatures
Tangible and true
Phantoms with the haunting sounds
Apex predators who

Love the light and freedom
So humbling to see
A genuine curiosity
Its where they choose to be
Phenomenal and physical
Yet graceful to the core
So mindful and so beautiful
Something to adore

Their amazing colouration
The truest camouflage
Of unbelievable wonderment
With their entourage
Gliding with such virtue
Resplendent in their soul
Amazing vocalization
And just so in control

Their freedom you can feel
The true excitement in their heart
Their frame of mind their humour
Their ancestry from the start
So humbling to be around
Their movement so serene
So relevant so pertinent
No herring or sardine
Stands a chance for shoals
Are quickly dispatched which is why
Sharing always daring
Their prowess levels high

To be amongst them swimming
Is an antidote
Their contrariness is eligible
You feel them in your throat
The positive display of life
Such a fulfilling thing
A freshness and a newness
And sincerity they bring

To imagine they are captured
By the corporatocracy
The Sea Worlds with their balance sheets
And their vile autocracy
Privileged to subjugate
To imprison and to keep
Them in a bath of chlorine
and exclude them from the deep

These truly social beings
Whose possessive tendency
Who possess a state of order
It is their harmony
Lucid and intelligible
Organized and true
Thrust into a bathtub
In an artificial blue

Slatternly and muddled
Confused convulsed and wrong
Orphaned and deserted
The uniqueness of the throng
It is, so despairing
Abandoned and alone
Overwhelmed with boredom
And of seeds you hadnt sown

Time becomes forever
Space becomes forlorn
The sands of time perpetual
Eternity will warn
The beating heart inside you
That perpetuity
Will exhaust the spirit
And curtail longevity

Feeding sharing caring
The cornerstone for you
Living with variety
That fluidness all through
Mutable and changeful
Mercurial and loyal
Hunting all together
When the sea itself does boil

With energy and movement
With mightiness and power
All that potentiality
Called upon each hour
And now an inability
Disabled in a way
Tossed a bucket of dead fish
A sterile barren tray

Weakened by it all
Nothing here is natural
Impoverished you fall
Foul of health and happiness
Disarmed by it you
Suffer very rapidly
For what the humans do

Stagnation and torpidity
A lifelessness today
Sluggish and immobile
You just pass time away
Becoming apathetic
Banished and just lost
And it pervades your very soul
And really that does cost

There is no depth to speak of
A sloping concrete wall
Dipping and declining
It really does appal
Everywhere is contorted
And cambered in a way
Just artificial smoothness
And how our minds then play

Tricks on us,we tumble and we crash
Against the side
The noises of loud music
And the water slide
This human fluctuation
A commotion in a can
Getting agitated
When all this began

Laboriously I haul myself
Around the bathtub and
Am pickled by the chlorine
I do not understand
The mentality of audiences
Lied to everyday
As we face our mortality
And for this you people pay

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