Moronic irreverence

A women eating a piece of bacon one piece in her mouth
The other piece in a dead pigs mouth the concept challengeable
Such behaviour presumably to sell pork or bacon
Strips decency wide open.


Whoever put this concept into being
Clearly did so with a view to try
And instigate responses which are obvious
And here on facebook many of them fly
In the face of decency indignant as to how
Such disparagement is engendered and I feel
Such impertinent behaviour scurrilously made
Its a big slap in the face I must reveal

To disrespect an animal shows rudeness
Humiliates and insults those who see
Really such an unflattering and uncomplimentary image
Its moronic irreverence for me
A sickness pure and simple,and kind of scoffing
Gibing, mocking injurious to some
Imagining some base of superiority
Unworthy which is inclined to leave me numb

It debases the real mood of what we see here
Shamefulness and worthlessness appears
Trying to manipulate emotions
Its underhand and scheming
And my fears
Its sinister its questionable and shabby
Undignified and unworthy to be used
There are no honest morals here
Its an ego trip for me its clear
Its covetous and we feel abused

The pig ofcourse is blameless
A clear conscience
The picture that is painted here is one
Unregretting unashamed unblushing
Just self-indulgence when the day is done
Wallowing in epicureanism
Bolter gorger binger to a tee
Licking ones lips clearly she’s a carnist
Who Proves her gormandizing gluttony

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