What makes people want to go
and shoot wild animals at night
Using lamping thats a rifle
with a big bright light
Normally 3 people go
a driver spotter shooter who
Having permission from the land owner
then do what they do

Shoot an innocent animal
who comes up in their sight
Its all about the eyeshine
thats when you know its right
Thats when you pull the trigger
and and look around for more
Hunting wild life like rabbits
and hares to fill up your cold store

In England it is legal hunting seems to be
Obviously responsive to insensibility
No one seems to worry about suffering so these
Idiots with rifles just do as they please
We have to stop and think about what makes people tick
Is it they are spiteful ill wishing or just thick
Ill natured and unfriendly its blood that they want spilled
Cruel hard hearted merciless violence as long as they get thrilled

Out there murdering animals Fox Rabbit the Hare
A bright light shone directly and a .22 in the air
Hunters they are sinners villains out at night
Supplementing their larder with fresh meat thats inspite
Of really having no need to ,and the suffering they cause
City boys using supermarkets so why would they pause
And do a spot of lamping a brutal and nasty way
Of killing our wild animals which is wrong whatever they say.

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  1. Viktor Hansen on said:

    Swedish zoo killed 9 lions for no reason

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