Killer whales

Killer whales are amazingly intelligent
They stalk the oceans
In groups known as pods
They have their own means of communication
Truly must have been sent by the gods

They do strike terror into the hearts of many
A mighty predator they are for sure
But what is happening now upon the oceans
Is pirate long liners are creating gore

Many killer whales are being slaughtered
As they rise to take baits from the lines
These pirates toss explosives in the water
Killing them and so we see the signs

Out there by the crozet islands
Not so many orcas anymore
They realised the chilean Bass
A big deep water fish
Could be stolen from long liners lines
Quite a tasty dish

But clearly rotten pirates
Rather than lose their catch
Would rather blow the orcas up
When the are on their patch

And now orcas are cautious
But realise that they
Can steal the hooked fish easily
And try to get their way

Also known as the Patagonian tooth fish
Its found deep
Too deep for the Orca’s
Who simply cannot reap
The excellent nutrition
Unless the pirate hordes

Are willing to share their catch
With them
Without crossing their swords

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