Kangaroo the new film

For millions of years
They have lived on this land
Absolutely amazing
Maternal and grand
Designed for the outback
And the motherland
Fantastic lineage
Can we understand

They are not pests
They are good to be here
Creation knew better
Though shooters its clear
Their dirty business
Is killing at night
For the filthy meat trade
That seems to delight

In killing this icon
This mammal unique
Born to be here
And thus we should seek
Out there proud ancestry
Surely we must
These are the angels
Born in the dust

Importing sheep and cattle
We see
They tear up the ground
In fact now they be
Needing more water
And thrashing the soil
At a time when the
Temperatures are set to boil

Your land based slaughter
Is violent and we see
Shooters not much between
Their ears actually
Killing the females
Stomping away on joeys
The babies making them pay

Local extinctions are happening
See their darkly monsters
Carry away
their corpses its happening
These sadists are wrong
Being taken for granted
Yes all along

There is no moderation
Not anymore
Just blood shedding
Drowning for sure
In the wild blood of kangaroos
Trying to feed
Cut down in a flash
oh yes indeed!

Bloodshed and butchery
Purge liquidation
Malignant and poisonous
Its whose salvation?
You give no quarter
You liquidate well
Turning Australia
Into pure HELL

Humankind stinks
And the whiff’s overpowering
We are all earthlings
In the bush they are cowering
The shooters are out there
Cruel nasty men
Hardly humane
Christ you tell me when
They ever could realise
What we have here
A miraculous soul
And to me it is clear

Nature created them
For millions of years
They have leapt here and there
They have cried their own tears
It gets to my guts seeing what
People do
Shoot the animals dead
This great kangaroo

Lets hope the film
Really does make the point
The indigenous animals
Never a joint
life is what they are
Not murdered at night
Their poor joey stomped on
Giving shooters delight
Respect the iconic
For christs sake admit
The government & the meat trade
They talk so much s–t

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