Gaza from a childs point of view

For children living now
There is no future
Life is day to day
And nothing more
The destruction of your way of life
All around you really blood and gore

Unimaginable horror
At your bedside
Nightmares are the stories
That you hear
Friends are dead and gone
Really out upon
The city streets there is nothing
Only fear

Meagreness and sparseness
And destruction
In the shadows hang the death
Of those we knew
Their faces broken bodies
Lying in the dust
Tomorrow it could well be me
Or you

Our houses smashed to smithereens
No windows and no doors
So near to collapsing
Its exuding from your pores
The agony the total fear
The unclassifiability
The inconsequence of being
The distortion and disparity

All we had was family
An affinity and ancestry
No time to love for too much hate
Devision all we saw
Bickering conflicting hostile
And contradictory
Everyone an alien
With the threat of war

Night time raids
The jackals snarling
Arrogance is everywhere
We are under the great boot
Of Zionism the despair
We are where we should not be
The subordinate the subsidiary
Outclassed outshone beggars we
Need to bow down instantly

Our life here is being dismantled
Cut off from humanity
Quarantined in our own ghetto
Encircled by the powers to be
Fracture rupture bomb and bellow
Amputate behead dismember
Ostracize eternity
And Preclude us from the great agenda

Rubble dust and hopeless tension
Anger tears and sleepless nights
Bedlam chaos mayhem figures
Unruliness its in the whites
Of everybodys eyes the hunger
Anger turmoil and affray
Violence it is so apparent
Everywhere in disarray

What gets into your very marrow
The confusion everywhere
People are unhinged and unsettled
Entangled in so much despair
How we came to ever be here
With the zionists in our face
The bitter end feels ever closer
But coming at us at a pace

We children shake we shake and shiver
A part of this bitter fued
This assembly of the ugly
Honestly we now allude
To fighting and slapping and with our expletives
Need to reach the robotic ears
Programmed relics of the battles
Magnified in all our fears

The Torah says the state of Israel
Can never be a state at all
Since it says this in the scriptures
And BEN gurion he was no fool
Went against the powers of glory
And took the mandate fair and square
From the British over Balfour
And since then being made to share

Massacres and ethnic cleansing
Murders of the Zionist kind
There is no permanence anymore here
Not even the most enquiring mind
Can come up with a timeless answer
A constant and long lasting path
Out of what is hell on earth
Against each interlude of wrath

Pressure on our education
Schools in tatters everywhere
Massive classes significantly shorter
Social tension lack of care
The sick get sicker more restrictions
Come from Israel everyday
Water and our sanitation
They have blown all that away

Salination has hit our water
Agriculture too is bad
Fishing creates its own challenge
Waste retrieval its all sad
Inadequate and so more illness
Raw sewage is pumped in the sea
It really makes no sense to do this
But no one cares effectively

As children growing up its shameful
Every part of every day
We see the soldiers hear their rifles
Know their their trucks are not far away
We children throw the rocks we pick up
And take the argument to those
Ragged soldiers at the outposts
With them the hatred grows and grows

Life for us is so restricted
Really nothing can we do
It all goes back to 48
When they got their independence through
5.8 per cent of land soon increased
To 56
And now ofcourse they have most of it
And Palestine is in a fix.

What a dreadful revolution
Britain just gave their land away
And the Zionist cleansed the borders
And made the Palestinians pay
All that power and might and fury
Tore the regime clean away
Left us powerless without teeth
Disabled therefore not in play

The undoing and the overthrow
The levelling as well we know
So much hardship so much pain
Whilst israeli’s move in and just gain
From France and Europe they now arrive
Can they possibly survive
Whether its safe to be there or not
They are coming in every month there’s a lot
Building more houses where will we go
No one is listening and all that woe
The angst and the anguish what shall we do
Its genocide people
And its all down to you

We blame the British and the UN

2 comments on “Gaza from a childs point of view

  1. lisa alba on said:

    very well done Rex
    very proud of this account
    in prose
    no mean feat
    to capture
    the suffering and despair
    of our fellow man caught in the rifle hair

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