Foie gras (creation of a disease through torture and eating it)

Doing wrong and arguing the toss about its worth
Is unfitting and improper and wrongheaded and on this earth
We all live in the natural world and around us feel the need
To expose this unpardonable behaviour as a truly vulgar deed
Its discriminatory and injurious to those innocent birds and they
Should be given justice and not be made to pay
Force feeding is a torture a most immoral act
Creating stress and injury, so how do I react?5
To making others do this kill and torture birds
And then expect to buy or be served I am truly lost for words

For me its arrogation and misappropriation
Their forfeiture of heart felt thought
Impostors can I say
Unsanctioned and unlicensed to carry out this horror
Presumptuous and assuming that others ought to pay
Its wilful and neglecting to create in ducks and geese
A disrespect and indiscipline and it has to cease
The livers of these birds through force feeding
Do enlarge
We are traitors to creation
And should expect a charge

Over and above the cost for we are guilty here
Our irreverence is beyond the pale
Our contempt for life is clear
To hear the birds a screaming and to dishonour psin
And to be involved by consuming it really is a bane
Its snobbishness creating humiliation and
A paltriness in many ways right across the land
I do feel utter contempt for you for this so called delicacy
Is nothing more than torture and disease and agony

There must be recrimination censure and rebuke
You need a lambasting for in essence people puke
When foie gras is explained to them for the improbity
It really is unscrupulousness and dishonesty
Many of the birds die before their time to die
Their bodies break down for the stress anatomically is high
And so to eat this diseased tortured remnant of dark sin
On a plate or from Fortnum & Mason when you go and buy a tin
Is absolutely shameless and disingenuous as well
Its fraudulent and shabby and you book your place in Hell

They were innocent and guiltless they had nothing to confess
Unspotted and unblemished and infact so harmless
Falsely accused and punished above suspicion they
Received an abysmal flagrant life every single day
Bloodless blameless faultless they really knew no wrong
But your aiding and abetting proves where you belong
And it certainly isn’t Heaven your base immodesty
Is explicit and suggestive of immorality.

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