Duck out for the count

The insincerity and artfulness
Their jiggery-pokery I confess
Such collusion and cozenage
Its a kind of camouflage
Preventing us appreciate
Our true design
They predicate
A reason why now what they do
Produces something that will imbue

A factor that is wrong by far
For in essnce all it does is scar
The heart the soul the liver too
Even the lungs cannot breathe through
The agony of all of this
Methodology isnt bliss
Its true deceit its illusory
And each now suffer dreadfully

Gavage brought such mendacity
And a great big chunk of audacity
A creepy smooth-tongued excuse for
Really breaking the natural law
The balance of things we knew as life
Were replaced with torture and so much strife

And here I sit yes so alone
Nobody to hear my incessant groan
In the darkness there is no light for me
Its dank but the water of life I am free
I have never swum my poor webbed feet
Are dry and cracked and I am now beat
Life is ebbing from my soul
Really I have lost all control

My liver is pushing into my lung
I am no hero as yet unsung
That evil feeding of corn and fat
forced me really to where I am at
How I suffer I am no star
For you lot want my rich foie gras

I hope it tastes delicious I
Lie here alone just wondering why
Your totally insensitive feeling must
Leave you with so much disgust
If it doesnt remember my picture hear
I lived and died in abject fear
Not of the farmer not anymore
But the thought that you wanted all my gore

By blood my fat my agony
My life and still you appeared happy
Foie gras is a wicked evil thing
Its suspiciousness that may soon bring
Not only the victim which is me
But later you too
Such venality
Such dishonour such spivvery
Its really criminality

A vicious streak of ill wound scum
Improbity leaves me now numb
The slippery slope that I am now on
Gluttony yes of course long gone
conclusions of the vilest kind
Complicit in whats left behind
A dying body and twisted soul
I am now breathless having lost control

Dead to the world

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