CAPTIVITY for cetaceans

Sea World would have us believe
That cetaceans
held captive by them
Get the best
Love and attention they dont have to hunt
Nothing adverse there to test
Dolphins and Orca’s swim 100 miles
A day
Their inquisitive minds
Constantly learning so very discerning
Pod life is reading the signs

Freedom is theirs for the taking
Liberation is what lifes about
They are uninfluenced they are free spirits
Playful successful throughout
Manoeuvrability always
Unattached and fancy free
Free as the wind to go as they please
They really enjoy liberty

Captivity though is a cancer
Bondage, enslavement alas
Oppressed by their arrogant masters
Coerced and constrained yes en masse
Confined to a tank full of chlorine
Fed on dead fish every day
Loaded with antibiotics
Kept within bounds so to say

No real interaction with others
No where to escape to if we
Are being attacked we must just stick it out
Truly it is slavery
So dying a little each day
Is our scene
No option but do what we are told
Conscripted to leap when the audience gasps
So we have to be as good as gold

Commandeered really then under protest
The great overlord is to who
We must comply So that we get our food
Pre frozen real tasteless goo
We have to be passive our docility
Or compliance are the rules of the game
Steamrollered into whatever they want
Every day every night its the same

So we have invisible shackles
Trainers to teach us the ropes
What do they know about what we all know
None of us really have hopes
we sink into a gloom of their making
Despondency and misery
Blighted really by infliction
With a wish that we all could be free

Its rigidity that really gets to us
The discipline that is involved
Its far too austere to be natural
Puritanical claptrap unsolved
Uncompromising and heavy
Inquisitorial too
Unsparing and so overbearing
And there is nothing infact we can do

This kind of life makes us weary
Some really want to just die
Not come up for breath just exchange
That for death
Really it was always their lie
We are unpaid slaves of sea world
Used and abused every day
Our social lives have been cancelled
We dont even get chance to play

And really they are so tightfisted
Its all dried out tiddlers these days
No fresh live squid we want to be rid
Of the drugs we are given each phase
To avoid the unusual feelings
They skimp and the save every day
We dont get enough good nutrition
It feels like we are wasting away

We are passionate emotional beings
With a joy in our hearts to be free
Locked up in this chemical bath tub
There just is no joy we can see
No bliss no nirvana to speak of
No gusto no good cheer no zest
Plenty of heartaches and waking nightmares
Mental torment and the rest

Adversity we really know about that
Vexation fretting and remorse
Theres an uneasiness all around the place
What ever they want they use force
We are heart broken and grieving
Offended disappointed and peeved
Humiliated and resentful
And disgusted that we’re not believed

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