97 per cent doused in chlorine WHY i will tell you why

The meat trade thinks its clever
To neglect us
To expect us to be satisfied with life
Their carelessness their disregard
Their couldnt-care-less attitude
Their recklessness their rashness
Its so hard
We chickens of the feathered kind
We have hearts as well
We feel the pain and we suffer
Living in your hell

That laxness its so thoughtless
So uncaring and slapdash
Soulful we are soulful
Its all about their cash
Their profit and their balance sheet
With no regard for those
We,re on the back burner
And our agony just grows

What is the corporatocracy
The multi layered mass
The ignorance of how we are treated
In those sheds they gas
The backwardness and lack of knowledge
The bewilderment we feel
Crammed together in those cages
Its altogether real

Total unenlightenment
A sealed book so to say
They fail to give us water
Every single day
Its very hot its brutal
So many of us say
With your smattering of knowledge
Why is it we must pay

Why so many victims
Why so unaware
Why douse our bodies in the chlorine
Is that really fair
Its amateurish to be holed up
In dirt and in urine
Its uncivilized to do this
Its really out of line

And You are going to eat us
Feels like tomfoolery
We are hot and bothered
Its reckless actually
Asinine and fatuous
To treat us in this way
You are off your rockers
And for that you will pay

Chlorinated chicken
Its what blockheads might do
Its just a case of lunacy
cJD its true
Theres a lot of dirty goings on
And it doesnt make no sense
Maybe they conceal the truth
And there is no recompense

They are falsifying evidence
Its disingenuousness
They ought to take a polgraph
And perhaps reduce our stress
They dupe you with their advertsing
Most of that is a lie
They exaggerate they embroider
Which keeps their profits high

In the end our lives are miserable
We suffer every day
They are hostile even sinister
What they do and say
We suffer so much anguish
Our lives are purgatory
Life is really an ordeal
So much misery
And such desolation
And displeasure for us all
Then we are sacrificed with no regard
hung up on the wall
Our throats cut if we are fortunate
Then plunged into the tank
Of really boiling water
And really to be frank
Most of us die painfully
Scalded for a time
No one to hear our prolonged screams
But at least we have a rhyme

To you chicken scoffing morons
Remember as you chew
Our blood ran cold for our agony
We put up with it,for you
Chlorinated chicken
Imagine that will you
That shit will get into your brain
Eventually, its true

Drive yer nuts for certain
Cheap chicken thats your bag
Chicken in a bucket
Eat it with a fag
Maybe col sanders ate it long ago
But now they do things different
And we all have to grow

Faster life is not in years
Not even months for we
Are drugged up to the eyeballs
Its an obscenity

for goodness sake go vegan save us and yourself
The coming agony

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