Adani go back to India and stay there

Gifted the great barrier reef
1400 miles
Along Australia’s North East Coast
And it ticks all the dials
Some 3000 different corals
Drawing souls from near and far
A wonder of our world today
The Barrier Reef a star

Among the oceans of this world
An entity of soul
To observe its enduring splendour
An phenomenal control
A life force full of substance
A garden Neath the sea
Truly a living wonderland
As believable as thee

A sanctuary of symmetry
Of magickal intent
It can take your breath away
So much wonderment
A world of total difference
A multi coloured world
Incomparable in quality
Really to be hurled

Into this amazing reef
As astonishing as it is
To now have the belief
That adani a huge coal mine
Might perch itself close by
Might ship vast holds of fossil fuel
One collision and the risks are high

A catastrophe so likely
Destruction on a scale
The unconsciousness of the many
Its so beyond the pale
An inappreciation of creation
Down below
Crass ignorance and arrogance
As they watch their profits grow

Unfamilarity and unenlightenment
Superficial knowledge
Thats just how it went
Uninformed kept in the dark
Untutored maybe so
Misreported somehow
Unfounded as we know

Its injudicious actually
Coal is a filthy fuel
India doesnt want it
It really is no jewel
To build the biggest coalmine
The world has ever seen
And plonk it close to the barrier reef
Has to contravene
Every law Imaginable
Australia please try
And use the sense you were born with
Tell ADANI why

They have to stop their madness
The risks here are too high
You grey suits haven’t got a hope in hell
So now apply

Some commonsense the sun the wind the waves
That energy is what this world is needing now

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