Zoo animals in China

The Zoo
Is a place
Where the public do go
Pay to go in
Its like a big show

The stock are live animals
In cages and pens
With no where to go
And this kind of lends

Itself to the humiliation of those
Who go to these places
And then well they pose

Problems torment be unkind
Commit crime
Recently in a zoo
In china this time

It had been snowing
In Hangzhou Zoo
In Zhejiang province
So what some did do

Was lob giant snowballs down onto the lions
The giraffes
and the tigers
Sense sees the signs

With no place to escape too
And from a great height
The snowballs would hurt
And ofcourse its not right

Humans are wicked
And what is a zoo
A place of cruelty
So thats nothing new

The malevolence shown here
By idiots who
Think it is right
To play games as they do

Aiding and abetting
Real cruelty
Those lions on their faces
We can all see

They have no cover
And who wants to be
Hit by a snowball
Thats right, nobody

The burden of guilt
Falls on the zoo
No one around
To police what some do

A dereliction of duty
That causes this pain
And they think they are clever
Cant feel the disdain

Think its a laugh
Monsters they be
Videoing the action
So we all can see

Can all realize
That zoo’s should be shut
And those who support them
Are a pain in the butt

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