There is a deviant on the loose

The first case was recorded in 2014
In Croydon
And since then we know
400 Cats Squirrels Foxes and Rabbits
Have been murdered
And just left on show

Many spread eagled
Left under bedroom windows
A deviant clearly around
Making a point, from his sick perspective
And all could be easily found

so the killer was obviously doing his thing
Removing their heads and their tails
Clearly no animal lover
Someone who had gone off the rails
But was using surgical precision
Maybe a butcher who knew
The technique of cutting up carcasses
Not something everybody could do

The police have now issued a description
A white male in his forties I hear
It seems he was disturbed at a killing in Surrey
But clearly its causing some fear
Hundreds of victims have perished
In what seems his nightly affair
From as far afield now as Manchester
Pet owners really despair

Ofcourse there could now be some copy cats
Some other deviants who
Somehow get off on these killings
Apparently that is a view
But the murders and methods of killing
Are similar so it would seem
That it could still be one man
whose getting more mobile
And clearly fulfilling his plan

Chiefly it was cats but rabbits and foxes
And squirrels
Have tragically entered the fray
And the area of killings has widened
More and more sadly today
whoever is doing the killing
Could be using the M25
And it really is freakish behaviour
For none of the victims survive

And it does appear now there’s a strong possibility
That gratification is involved
May be a sexual deviant here
A loner which is why the case still isn’t solved
Someone who drives who goes out at night
Most likely single than not
He must be an oddball with not many friends
And an animal lover he’s not

He may live in Croydon and has just spread his net
He could be a hunter for he
Clearly cannot realise peoples love
For their pets and the enormity
It could be some cat dug his seeds up
It could be one innocent thing
That started the ball off that got him so angry
Such indignation did bring

Him now to a point of mass killings
And possibly at least that he’s sure
He has got away with the slaughter
That He may raise his game a bit more
And go after women or young girls
His spitefulness clearly is there
And its all done with so much severity
And callousness which breeds despair

Theres a bloodthirstyness, we can feel it
And a ferociousness in his design
He began his journey with animals
Practising but far down the line
He could switch his intention to others
For The carnage has not gone away
He thinks he’s a slayer an assassin by right
Who lives for the love of just killing at night

This is the worry a head case who feels
He is no apprentice and this all appeals
To his weird sense of being, hung over and wrong
Really this creature he doesn’t belong
And he’s regularly buying chicken so he
Can feed cats and catch them much more easily

lets raise the anti get the public on board
After hours we now just cannot afford
If we see something out of the ordinary, we
Must note it and report it or this thuggery
Will continue and worsen and no one wants that
Operation “taka he that is where we are at.

South Norwood Animal Rescue Liberty SNarl
Rising boudicca@gmail.con

Police case is operation Taka he
Ring 999

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