The poor old fox

The refusers to recant
Their sinful stubbornness
Where they
Dress up in their clobber
And chase foxes half the day

A schooner full of fino
A whip a horse and they
Tanked up on the thought of spilling blood
Are on their way

Unrelenting thuggery
The countryside doth sigh
Unashamed they go about
Their business clearly high

On chasing after wild souls
Frightening them to death
Every excuse in the book
They will not share their breath

With the wild fox
Their iniquity and artfulness
Is there’s
Arrogance personified
They might say their prayers

Depraved corrupted infidels
With their wicked ways
Frightening the wild folk
Each enormity it pays

Venial and offensive
They carry on their hunt
Unprincipled stuck in the past
And the wild ones feel the brunt

Of their egoistic manner
Their so called superior air
Hangers on such bullies
Causing such despair

The new year is upon us
Hopefully we shall see
The animals rights
In all our sights
Happen honestly
The hunters let them
and be cast out And be gone
Angels warriors saboteurs
let them reign upon

This earth and all the animals
Tortured in the past
Win the right to freedom
Wouldnt that be a blast

Dear Emma thanks for your thoughts


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