The living doll

Understandable and expressive
Articulate and meaningful
Sada has that ethereal quality
Spoonfuls of blissful all tuneful
A living doll creative and ingenious
Rhapsodic in a mildly lovely way
Vapourous and fanciful
Dreamed up and inspirational
Sada vidoo the living doll
With a voice to Make your day

Some might misconstrue her
Others think she’s barking
But she has a voice and gives us the choice
An enigma kind of marking
Her stance upon this planet
A truly living doll
Affirming her confession
It is her lifetime role

She has a true lucidity
An exactness through and through
Goes out dressed up as a doll
Thats what she does do
A voice that has some forcefulness
Some vivacity and panache
Ardent with her dulcet tones
That might just give your hearts a bash

Sada vidoo the living doll

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